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In house use

I have a Garmin 541s, I would like to use it in my house to just learn how to use it. Is there a cable that I can purchase that will allow me to power it up in my home, or do I have to sit in my boat on my trailer in my driveway?
Get a spare cable and a 12 volt DC power source
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Rieblanc68 ~

You are making a very good decision to begin using your unit in your home. It will give you the ability to experiment with the unit form the comfort of home. It will greatly improve your ability to use your unit.

The Garmin web site indicates that a Garmin Fishfinder/sounder power cable, part 010-10918-00 at a price of $24.90 will work as you indicated.

You will need either a 12 Volt battery or an AC-DC converter (120AC to 12V DC).

Tape back the other wires and use only the red and black wires with the connection as per your owners manual.

I got my converter from Best Buy and put a 12 volt cigarette lighter type connector in the end that goes to the converter.

Remember that being indoors, you will not be able to actually “capture” or show your position live, but you can add any data that you may want to.

~ Captain Paul ~