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Red Snapper Wars... The battle continues

Just read about this. Thought I would pass it along.

The scum at the NMFS who have been doing everything they can to push recreational fisherman out of the Red Snapper fishery have fired off their latest volley.

The latest volley comes as a response to the push to up the recreational side of the fishery to 75% from the 49% that rec's are SUPPOSE to get but never do despite NMFS saying we keep going over our allowance.

How is the NMFS fighting back? By changing the numbers with a simply key stroke on a key board. In an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of everyone they have arificially bolstered numbers of the commercials economic impact due to fishing in our waters by simply adding imports to those numbers.

These numbers are reported annually and in an effort to make the numbers worth while they have (in the past) only contained fish caught in OUR waters. But now that there is a push for reallocation the numbers mysteriously get changed to include numbers that are not relevant to the discussion. And NMFS also saw fit to stop updating the online queries that would allow you to see the figures without the imports.

Various websites have already picked up on the new figures and are running stories about how the economic value of our commercial sector far outvalues that of the recreational side. Which is a reversal of the truth.

Just thought you should know.