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Snapper Season Cut Again

The Feds are at it again and have just reduced the already ridiculously short 11-day season down to 9.
Color me crazy...

Correct me if I'm mistaken. In 1940 a fisherman would have a really hard time finding red snapper off of our coast. It was only with the proliferation of oil and gas structures that large numbers of snapper began to call waters off our coast 'home.'

As I understand things, we have some 30,000 structures in the northern GOM that, collectively, comprise the world's largest 'artificial reef' and were it not for those structures, snapper would be really hard to find in the northern GOM.

True or false?
Yak, there's no doubt that the oil and gas structures have been a boon for the snapper as well as many other fish. Of course that's what makes this all the more crazier as the Feds continue to restrict their fishing (claiming their numbers are down) while at the same time supporting and even requiring the removal of those same structures that support them.

Politicians and bureaucrat make for some really bad wildlife managers (but I guess I don't have to tell you that-lol)
So what level of snapper are they trying to maintain?





Some arbitrary amount that after decades of mismanagement has never actually been decided upon?
You're asking them to explain insanity. There is NO answer.
I lack confidence that they could organize a shopping trip to Walmart. BUT, I have no doubt they need more money (yours and mine) so they can study the best way to make a trip to Walmart.
NMFS & Sgt Schultz
YakALou - the 2006 Reauthorized Magnuson Act is a piece of junk that was cooked up by the professional anti-fishing Environmental Industry and they lobbied Congress hard to get it passed.

Magnuson is what is giving NMFS the authority to cook up one harebrained outrageous unworkable anti-fishing regulation after another.

NMFS is saying that Gulf red snapper need to be rebuilt to levels found back in the 40's. Yet it wasn't until the 1970's when any definitive record-keeping of any kind began. So that means the 1940's numbers that NMFS is requiring are total BS. It's just a fake number that NMFS SE Regional Director 'Dr' Roy Craptree and his scienticians cooked up to keep their pals at EDF & Pew happy in order to keep from getting sued by them.

Further, even NMFS grudgingly admits that their fish counts deliberately fail to take into acccount the enormously productive natural & artificial reef structures that abound in the Gulf. They do all their fish trawls on barren sandy bottom with no structure! But where do red snapper hang out? On structure! Duh!

The NMFS census process is very much like Hogans Heroes Sargeant Schultz - 'Red Schnapper on zee oil rigs undt zee pipelines? NEIN! Nuzzing! I zee nuzzing!' But unlike Sgt Schultz, NMFS is not a jolly old drunken buffoon - it is a bloated, corrupt out-of-control Gummint agency that has killed tens of thousands of fishing-related jobs in just Florida and the other four Gulf states alone.

Mark/ Catch-All
Pres., 100 Fathom Fishing club
Watch this
I was hoping
I was hoping for a 0 day season. Until then it doesn't appear that Alabama and Mississippi will go non-compliant and truly join the fight for what is right.

Gulf states need to all get together and make red snapper game fish!

I am looking forward to the day where there is no recreational season and the NMFS still claims we caught over our limit.