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Questions about hunting property

I am thinking about buying some property on the North Shore or Mississippi. I can only spend 100,000. What about close to National forests? Do you guys deal with people on your property? What other things should I look for? Anyone have property they are wanting to sell.
Go to and refine your search for what you are looking. A good place would be one that is in an area that is sparsely populated and surrounded by large landowners. Good luck.
If I could only spend $100 I would buy in Mississippi up 55. Don't buy near forest as the dogs will run through your property all week when your not there. A small piece next to a good large landowner or two can be a gem. Doesn't have to be in big buck Mecca either, your surroundings and neighbors are the most important. U can turn 40 acres I'm the right place into paradise that u could kill 2 nice bucks and 1 or 2 does each year. Just don't overshoot your does. U can find a nice piece for $2300 to $2800 an acre. Good luck.
I would be breaking speed records heading to Madison & Tensas Parishes with 100k. Absolute no doubt about that.

I spent most of the 80's, and all of the 90's up & down the 55 corridor from Brookhaven to Montpieler ( St Helena ) .

Reluctantly, friends coaxed me to Tensas Parish one October. I couldn't get out of Kentwood fast enough.

I would be headed up there no doubt at all with 100k. I know of a couple inholdings that if they would sell, I'd be on it in a flash. Almost wrote a deposit check off my mountain bike one turkey season day. Just happened upon the owner and he was thinking bout selling. I would have locked in a purchase agreement that day somehow. I would have paid a realtor to come out after hours to bring one and witness it. He never called back.