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E 10 gasoline

Since the local refinery has ceased production of non ethanol gasoline , what is the best course of action we can take .
I have been using no ethanol in my 4 wheeler, out board ( 90 hp yamaha 4 stroke) and yard equipment.
1. will no etahnol be available in Magnolia and McComb Ms ?
2. buy small amounts and double dose it with marine sta-bil for yard equipment ?
3. drain all out of boat tank and refill with small amounts and double dose with sta-bil??
I am posing the questions trying to come up with a plan of action that will work.I am not a chemist . I just want help from any of you with more experience and knowledge than I have.
ethanol gas
Dont want to stir the pot but my 115 yammi has been running that ethanol gas since 2003. When I lived in Houston, u have no choice but to run ethanol gas, so when I moved here i just pumped at whatever is the most convenient. Im pretty sure your engine will be fine.
I am not trying to stir anything up either. I am just looking for down to earth solutions and prevention of problems that everyone can use.
Ethanol Info
The biggest problem with ethanol gas is not using it and letting it sit up. After three weeks I siphon gas out of boat and use it in my truck . If for some reason it sits in boat longer I use a small diameter hose and siphon off bottom of tank into a separate container to keep from putting ethanol/water concentration in my truck. No ethanol problems yet and my motor is a 1995 88 Evenrude.
Startron Enzyme Fuel Treatment
I try not to use ethanol fuel, but when I have to I treat it with Startron Enzyme Fuel Treatment. It comes in a blue bottle. I've had very good success with this stuff in boats, lawnmowers, 4 wheelers, etc even with fuel sitting in them over the winter.

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