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No Firearms at Waffle House

I found a sign like one in the picture a couple of weeks ago at a New Orleans Waffle House. I filed a complaint online and received a call back from. Derrick Hooper-Senior Vice President (985) 630 8274 I was told that Waffle House prohibits firearms as a corporate policy. Remember this the next time you want \'scattered, smothered, covered\' Waffle House does not even want you to have guns on the property, parking lot included\' much less concealed carry inside. Please let them know what you think about this.
I can make my own dam hash browns
Got to be Yankee Lawyers
Yes you can make your own hash browns, so can I but I like Waffle House. If enough people contact them, we won't have to.

It has to be Yankee lawyers driving this policy. I am pretty sure the marketing guys know who the customer base is. I'm thinking more than 50% of the customer base would be pro 2nd amendment.
I wonder
I wonder if the criminals will start targeting them, knowing the chance of a citizen carrying a firearm will be lower than elsewhere?
or another way to look at it..
another way to look at it is that its THEIR business and they have the right to refuse service to anyone. That's their perogative to me. Boycott them if you will, but they are excercising their rights as well.

A non-issue in my opinion
Contact them
Slickhead, you are right. Waffle House has the right to do whatever they want with their own business. That does not mean what they do comes without a cost. If the cost is enough, the policy will change. All it takes is for enough customers to contact Waffle House about this and it will change.
Much bigger fish to fry than worrying about Waffle House
if your biggest concern in life is worrying about what the Waffle House is doing then you have it made in the shade. This isn't even top 1000 of things worth worrying about.

Try to bring a gun into a federal builiding and let me know how that turns out. Its a free country after all right? We should be able to do that right?

They reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, its their business, follow the rules or just don't go in there, they are not going to lose sleep over it
Boo Hoo!
Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner,are good ol' boys from rural GA. They are as superstitious and bottom line oriented as any other truly self made southern zillionares. If these founders and majority owners of a rock ribbed, rural based business instituted this policy you can bet it's for a sound reason. Work on your stroke at some other fast food joint while they cry all the way to the bank. With our shrinking population they may pull out of the LA. market eventually.
Waffle House
From what I've seen inside and out of a Waffle House, I would do the same. There's a reason they put these signs up. Think about it for awhile.
not the best clientele in the world
Yep, the Waffle House 'clientele' ain't exactly who I want to be carrying guns, they get a few shady characters in there haha
Signs stop criminals????
Really? The sign is going to stop the shady characters? Nope just going to stop law abiding citizens.

Really kind of surprised at the response here. Guess I figured the La. Sportsman reader base wrong.
Nothing stops criminals
Signs do not stop criminals, no. Nothing does. Not a sign, not a law, nothing. Criminals break the law, its what they do and why they are called criminals.
Ryan's restaurants have the same signs up. I had to laugh when I saw Slickheads comment about top 1000 important things to worry about. He has spent the last 2 months arguing over hog hunting with anonymous people over the internet? That gotta be in the top 5 right? Hehe!
touche loopgarou! touche'!

I am still trying to convince a man in Pearl River that when 1 pig is killed per 40 acres, then you have a pig problem! I don't think its ever going to happen though
fishfear me
I don't think it's a matter of feeling safe to go and eat a waffle. I believe it's more about practcing your constitutional rights as an american citizen.

My gun goes everywhere with me. I open carry because I want the general public to see me practing my rights. I have been approached by numerous people who have asked if I have ever been harrassed, which I have not, and stated they have wanted to carry their gun, but were too nervous to.

I believe the more people practice open cary the more socially acceptable it will become.

As far as waffle house and some other 24 hr. establisments; I can understand their stance as far as restricting guns. A lot of very intoxicated individuals frequent these places after a long night and alochol + firearms = disaster.

I carry my firearm to the grocery store, feed store, hardware store, and numerous other places. I enjoy talking to people about it when asked. I, however never flaunt it. As long as you carry on your business as usual not much is said
no firearms allowed!
I feel safer at anyplace that does allow firearms! makes them crooks think a lot more about starting something, when all the good guys mite be carrying!!! the waffle house and everyplace that don't allow firearms, should just put up a sign that says, , please come rob us, it will be so easy!! signs that say no firearms, that's the kind of places your more intelligent crook(if there is such a thing) will target!!
Just WOW!!!!

I can't believe the number of people bashing some of the posters here for exercising their right to voice their opinion to Waffle House... and their bashing argument is waffle house is exercising their rights.

Geez! Does anyone else see the contradiction there?

It is ok for waffle house to exercise their rights but not the people posting here?

And the comment about feeling safer!!! REALLY! Why do you people think all this mass murders are taking place in places that restrict you from carrying guns!!!

I guess 2+2 now equals 3!
mike? dont know if you were talking to me?
I said I feel safer in a place that does allow firearms!! I didn\'t bash waffle house, it is their right and I have no problem at all with that. I just said they are asking to be targeted quicker than places that do allow firearms!!
I guess you all get up in arms
I guess you all get up in arms when stores refuse to let people in with pants hanging off their butts? If the sign says 'no shoes, no shirt, no service' you better have shoes and a shirt, if it says 'no sagging' don't sag, if it says 'no guns on premises' don't bring in a gun. Its not against the law for them to refuse service to people with guns, its their right to do so. If you really have an issue with it, bring it up to your representative, go ahead and bring up not being able to carry a gun into the post office while you are at it.

This is exactly why Mary Landrieu is going to get re-elected with EASE! We fight amongst ourselves. No one is making you go to the Waffle House, its a non-issue.
Lawsuits Cause Change
Disclaimer: NOT all Attorneys are Weasels The Waffle House sign is just another effect of The Weasels teaching the Rats. All companies want to make money. They do that by satisfying the customer. Most unsatisfied customers don\'t return and leave quietly. In that case Waffle House policies don\'t change. People that change policy hire Attorneys (weasels) and these Attorneys (weasels) sue for money. So even the good old boy\'s will do whatever they can to protect that money. Waffle House has had several armed robberies over the years. Look it up.One armed robber (Rat) in particular was killed in 2012 when a conceal carry guy decided not to be a victim. Some attorneys (weasels) see it this way. If Waffle house allows Conceal Carry they might as well of pulled the trigger on that robber (RAT) themselves. The weasels are teaching the Rats. Sorry if I offend any Rat defending Attorneys (Weasels).The family of the Rat has hired a Weasel
duckdough! you right!!!
most of the problems we have come from ambulance chasing lawyers, just watch them in advertisements on tv and in congress!!! just want to fill their pockets!!! there should be a law saying a lawyer cant be a congressman!!! we would be much better off!!! my opinion!!
waffle house
They have that right to not allow them. The sign says firearms. The sign don't say conceal weapons r concel guns. The whloe thig like Mike said. They have a right to o that. You have to respect that. I a conceal permit hardly ever carry. I do have it in my truck 99.9% of the time, some state if you travel though with out you're breaking the law. The whole point is they can ask you not to but the more we argue the more it give them. Don't go to waffle hoyse and eat. Go some where that allows you. I stop by the one here and didn't see a sign. I guess next it will be the hospital don't allow it so you're not goung if you get sick.
Gun owners are our own worse enemy
The fact that Waffle House prohibits me from practicing my 'constitutionally protected' right to carry a firearm is reason enough for me to not eat there. It is a good thing that sportsmen expose those businesses that promote this left-wing agenda that would have us unarmed whilst only criminals would be armed. It amazes me how some sportsmen will criticize another for bringing it to our attention those businesses that are opposed to what we stand for. As for what you may think is important, who are you to comment on what another man thinks is important? Personally, I am very glad to know that Waffle House stands with Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Slickhead. I will never eat there again. It is very much 'an issue' to me which businesses promote an ideology that is diametrically opposed to what I stand for! Thanks Over-the-LINE for the heads up.
Hospitals don't allow you to carry the sign says no concealed weapons allowed on the premises. I just none of you will be going to the hospitals. They have that right it is there bussiness but we have a right to not eat there. Thereis nothing that say we can carry guns where we want to.we have to abide by there decision are go else where is the point. I'm 100% pro gun. There is a time and place for open carry but we don't need to walk around like it your right and don't care how it ake other feel. Carry conceal out of sight out of mine. Be kind and respectfully if asked to leave don't make a big scene.
waffle house
kind of ironic but just read that there was a shooting last night at a waffle house in Georgia. Looks like the shooters were drunk at 230 in the AM. I guess guns and alcohol dont mix.
I think there is a misconception about the constitution - yes it is your right to bear arms. It is also your right to freedom of speech. Those are protected rights, but its also the rights of business owners to make their own rules and you have that right to not go there and give them your business.

You have the right to practice your freedom of speech anywhere you want. Go shout 'bomb' on an airplane, its your right!

Go into the post office with a gun on your side or a federal courthouse.

Let us all know how that turns out
Slickhead I think you misunderstand what is going on here. Nobody is contesting the right of waffle house to prohibit whatever they want to prohibit on their property.

People here are saying that they disagree with the policy. Not that the policy should be illegal.

Waffle house has a right to ban tinker toys. We have a right to voice our disapproval of the ban.

The ban is stupid. Anyone... and I mean anyone... that has ever walked up to that waffle house with a gun, and read the sign and then turned around and left was not there to murder someone or rob the place.... EVER!

Criminals do not care what that sign says! So it isn't a deterrent to the only group of people that need to be deterred.
Spent a lot of effort on a 'Non-Issue'
First slickhead dismisses another man's post as a 'Non-Issue'. Then, goes on to post 6 times on what he considers a post of no importance. Why would someone take the time and effort to criticize another man's opinion on what he considers unimportant? And, after several repetitions, we understand that you are completely aware of the fact that we can't bring a gun into a federal building or, post office. I thought your analogy of Baggy pants was juvenile and made no sense. Over the LINE was sharing some information many of us believe is VERY much an issue.
How's this working out for the family slickhead?
Saturday morning a criminal shot and killed a police officer at a Waffle House in Georgia.

Our fiend slickhead says 'Signs do not stop criminals, no. Nothing does. Not a sign, not a law, nothing. Criminals break the law, its what they do and why they are called criminals'.

Well, it seems that bullets do stop criminals. Another ARMED patron shot the murderer, stopping him from killing anyone else and prevented the murderer from getting away. This dead police officer and ex marine leaves behind 7 fatherless children. I bet this IS NOT a non-issue to them right about now! I guess you're going to repeat the Federal building and post office puke again uh? Go wallow with your pigs man! A gun-toting citizen stopped a murderer in a WAFFLE HOUSE.
private businesses don't have the right to make their own rules at all!!! here ,comes state and feds, no smoking, but I want to allow smoking, I own this business, its my right!!! if people don't want to come here, they can go somewhere else, I dont care, this is my business, I can do whatever I want too!!! NO YOU CANT WE THE LAW!!!!
You need to read up on laws. You not worth my time. You are wrong.Have a great day. They have that rigbt. Don't go if you can do with out having a gun to eat. I a permit and they don't want it in there. I don't go in are leave it in the car. I've has a permit before they started the state. You could get a special deputy commission to carry it. I keep it in my vechicle and carry only when I really feel like I may need it. 99% time I don't. Don't matter if the law say you can carry a bazooka. The bussiness owner can post a sign no weapon and you are braking thelaw if you do. I'm not the smartest person but your bashing the wrong person. I love m guns. I do belive they have some that shouldn't owe one cause they don't know what they are doing handling a weapon!
waffle house
I sure haven't lost not eating at waffle house. I've seen their customer's thats scary on its own!
get a life
Beast we all know you voted for Obama and will do your best to get
Hilary elected when the time come!!!!!!!!!!
no guns
The newest no gun resturants sonic and I belive chili's ask you don't bring firearm. They got robbed that day they put it out!
you right I agree with one thing u said, you aint the smartest guy in the world, your words not mine!! who I voted for and will vote for, same as above!!!have a nice nite!!! I respect your opinion!!! you are worth my time, so I can help you out!! please don't thank me, just happy to help you out!!! NOW, reread everything I said and please explain to us, how you determined I voted for obama and why I will vote for Hillary??? I cant wait to read this explanation, but you will probably never explain??
Mike Guerin gets it-'My Opinion'
Been out of touch for a few days, Y'all have been busy!

First, I understand that Waffle House CAN prohibit law abiding citizens from bringing firearms on their property. I stand behind their right to do so, however, this decision does not come without a consequence. That consequence will be a loss of my business.

I am sure that the loss of my business alone will not be felt but if I can convince some like minded people to follow my lead it will.

I have a Concealed permit and have since they were made available in Louisiana. I do not carry all the time. When I found this sign I was not armed but still turned around and went somewhere else. I do not spend money at businesses that don't want to serve 'my kind'.

Before the example of hospitals, post offices, federal buildings, etc. comes up I know about these prohibited locations. When the ambulance is bringing me to the nearest hospital I will not ask if it is 2nd Amendment friendly. Some things I have no control over. That does not mean I will just lay down. I write, call and pester elected officials (the ruling class) often about these issues and so should you. That is your right, exercise it.

The wild card in this discussion is the open carry movement. I think open carry should be legal simply to keep folks from getting in hot water for actions like walking across the street to show your buddy a new gun. I do not agree with the open carry long gun guys that show up at Sonic, Chili's, etc. with AR's for shock value.

All above is just my opinion. Like it or don't but stand behind your principals, whatever they are.
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Long guns
The only firearm that I practice open carry with is my pistol. The only time I have any type of long guns with me are when I'm heading afield.

In saying that; I don't dicriminate nor do I condem those that open carry long guns in general public. I do believe that they draw alot more attention than those that open carry hand guns and may be a little more intimidating to those who don't understand or left wingers.

If i am in a situation where I need to draw my weapon it is a lot faster and easier to pull it out of holster on my side rather than dig around in a pocket or try to pull it out of holster wedged between my hip and my pants.

as stated before these are just my opinions
still waiting for your reply don't wuss out!!
he is off the air cant even email him when the going gets tuff hammondmedic is out of here!!!