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Mullet for Gar Floaters??

Does anyone know where we could buy mullet to bait our gar floaters? I've called around to bait dealers but no one seems to carry. They have shad which may be what we settle for, but really would like mullet.
buy yourself a castnet, they don't take long to pay for themselves, fresh live mullet is easy to find
I don't mind paying if I knew where to buy. We've casted and caught in the past but was a slow process with only a few each haul. This trip is what our son wants for a bachelor party with his buddies so I'm thinking buying bait may be cheaper for me than a bunch of lap dances and less chance of making the girls mad :-)
i hear you, not sure where you are but i know they sell frozen mullet at bridgeside marina, i just prefer to catch some mullet cause frozen mullet tends to be mushy
Shad works just as well for garfish as mullet do.

Best we found.
Years ago we fished for alligator gar in the Calcasieu Ship Channel. We started out using only mullet and would catch them in cast nets. Then when mullet were hard to come by we fished with shrimp on the bottom and used croakers, speckled trout and redfish. There was no size limit back then. We would always throw the hardheads back int the water.
Then one night we couldn't catch any mullet, croakers, speckled trout or redfish so we kept the hardheads.
They turned out to be the best bait we ever used. The crabs left them alone and they lasted for much longer than any other fish we had ever used. The gar loved them. We caught more gar on hardheads than we ever caught on the other fish.
Just letting you know so you could give them a try.
Found em
Delcambre Canal just South of the draw bridge is a shrimp processing plant. At the outfall of their waste water into the canal are all the mullet you want when the plant's running. Went Sat and had a 150qt full in no time. Only bad was all of the tiny fish that came with each haul. Not sure what they are but sure made a mess in the boat.

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