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Captain Paul a tremendous help

I recently purchased Captain Paul's Edge for Calc. Lake and Vermilion Bay. Being computer illiterate I had problems from the start: not necessarily with Captain Paul's product but with the Garmin downloads and lack of detail they give you on how to actually download the information onto your GPS/Sounder.

I fought this for hours when I decided to try to call Captain Paul for help. Captain Paul walked me through the process and finally got the information transfered to my unit.

I'm not talking a few minutes here. Captain Paul spent hours with me. Even after wanting to just throw in the towel he stayed with me, remained calm, and got my GPS downloaded with the maps I needed. I was ready to just give up!!!

Now, if you don't think walking a person with little or no computer skills/knowledge through some serious computing is difficult, try this: call your 17 year old nephew on the phone and explain to him how to tie a windsor knot on his new silk tie in time to pick up his date for prom! Yeah, I thought so!

Captain Paul, your the greatest! And the Edge is outstanding!!!

Bob Lee