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Confusing Sunday

Took my 2 little ones out Sunday and launched out of Dockside. Picked up some Dockside live shrimp(stayed live all day by the way) and headed out early before the tide stopped movin. Early on the lake was pretty rough with the south west winds, so the south shore was the cleanest water I could find on the trestle. Picked up one nice 22' incher on a Matrix shad magneto. Kids had live shrimp and wasn't hittin on crap??? Made a couple moves with no real success other than a few hardheads, then the tide went flat. Picked up and ran around a little bit. Boat riding and swimming with the kids until the tide started to move again. Went back to the trestles with a strong incoming tide and set up. NOTHING! Not even a sheephead or drum on the live shrimp. I caught one knothead trout on a matrix midnight mullet. It was really strange because I could see lots of bait in the water,the tide was moving, and I had 3 lines out with 3 different setups fishing the trestle on the pilings and throwing out about 25 to 30 yards off the pilings too. Everything I have had success doing before wasn't working. Some times the mullet were stacked up so much you could walk across them! As the evening progressed I tried the whole tackle box,topwater and all. Disgruntled we loaded up and left around 5:30pm. I spoke with quite a few locals that fished Sunday and said it was rough them as well. Pontchatrain hasn't been very nice to me latley but its the closest body of water to me that holds the Elusive speckled trout I seek. Anyone else find tough fishin Sunday in the lake?
Lake P
A couple buddys and i went sunday evening around 2 o'clock, we didn't do to good. I think we ended up with 7 keepers caught on matrix shad avocado. My buddy had a nice one get off at the boat, not much luck on shrimp all the trout was caught around the pilings on the trestles.
Hope I am wrong but
Been fishing the lake for many many years and fresh water is the killer. This year the Pearl has been flooding and this is not good. We also no longer have the MRGO to flush out the fresh water. I posted when the MRGO closed the lake was in trouble. Hope I am wrong but this fresh water is not good.
We've had a hard time as well. Caught a few keepers on dead shrimp. It's been quite the hunt.
skunked out too
I fished briefly Sunday morning. Tried southshore shoreline and protected parts of Twin Spans. With SW wind kicking, no tide, and heat, knew it wasn't going to happen and picked up after two hours.

I know they recently had a trout run, but as usual by the time it made and the websites it was old news. Last week was cooler, had a good tide range, and most importantly had an influx of saltwater from the east wind and low pressure. Usually the trout are in the sound spawning this time of year but they can still show up in early summer with the right conditions.

I was just hoping for some meatfish and a stray trout, but it wasn't meant to be.
Thank you everyone who replied. Now I don't feel so bad LOL. Any suggestions for this weekend with the hard tides and full moons? Those 2 ingredients should turn em on but 10 plus mph winds out the s/w may not help. Thinking bout hitting up Chalmette around the great wall/lake Borne marsh. Opnions?
Dirty water
You prolly fell victim to dirty water produced by the extreme SW winds. I fished sat. afternoon and the water was incoming and beautiful green. we landed a handful of trout on Lemonhead matrix. So, I decided, based on the weather forecast for Sunday AM, I would try it again. Bad idea from jump street. When I got to the launch and the W/SW wind liked to blow the doors off my truck, I knew better than to even put her in the drink. But did so anyway and took an arse whippin' and almost went overboard a few times trying to stay balanced and keep TM in the water. It didn't take much of that to have my crew and I concede that it wasn't meant to be. So we bagged it early. the think that I noticed most was the extreme color change in the water from Sat PM to Sun AM. It was milk on Sunday and it will prolly stay that way this week for the most part from the SW winds we are having. It generally takes 12-24 hrs to clean up after a Wester blows. Good luck this weekend.
You were not alone!!!
Took the wife and kid out Sunday around 3 with 75 live Dockside shrimp and high expectations. Good lord it was hot!! Anyway, stayed on the north end of the tressles around FB4 and FB5. Ended with 4 keepers about 15' and 4 or 5 throwbacks, throwback sheepshead and a few hardheads. Headed in at 6 as we were out of live and tired of the heat. Thought we may have left before the evening bite but guess not. Didn't seem like much tide at all to me - not sure I needed an anchor the boat would have just floated in one place. Oh well, beat workin'. We'll get em next time!
caught about 50 trout last friday on the south end of the lake towards the rigolets. only 15 were keepers, but it was every cast on carolina-rigged live shrimp from 3-5pm (middle of the falling tide). not a bite on the cork. tagged 5 of the released ones. i was the only boat around, and some moron motored within casting distance of my boat and effectively killed the bite. after a few choice words, i called it a day.
fished the train bridge, lake borgne, and the biloxi marsh up until 3pm, and only caught a few sheepshead and one trout.
there was a lot of dirty water around. had to look for clean water. couldnt taste any salt in the water in the lake, and fought dying shrimp in the baitwell...
this weekend is not looking good. i would probably head a little further south across the dam on the mrgo where you could still get protection from sw/s wind, and be ready to dodge the rain...
west wind
Any time you have a 'W' in the wind forecast, go somewhere else, Far East.