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obsolete GPS

Hi capt. I'll admit it, I don't like being told my 172c is obsolete and therefore, like apple, I must bow to the gods of 'make money by forcing you to update' mind set that has spread like a virus in most progressive data tech companies. Seems like there bottom line is ' screw support, make them buy new.' So now here I sit with perfectly good old Garmin 172C maps chart/plot and a new area to fish (moved boat from montauk, ny to margate,nj ) with a massive tidal range (6') to deal with as well as a post hurricane complete rearrange of marked channels to avoid grounding which have still not been addressed, and no way of updating my bluechart data card.
I found one on eBay a month ago and it turned out to be from 2003, which is sooo off that the back water channels have me marked on land half the time. No bueno. So the fella at west marine ambled over seeing that i was looking at the Garmin display and informed me that he would be happy to sell me a new unit but there was nothing he could do for my 'obsolete' 7 year old 172c. Now, I may not be the brightest candle on the alter, but sure seems like there's a way to burn a data card with newer cartography on it, since all of there data is derived from NOAA and other gov. affiliated agency's. I went to the tablet i use, Samsung galaxy, and downloaded MX marine for $6.99 and then installed the FREE NOAA raster charts, works like a dream, waaay accurate, i kid you not, dam thing was rite on the money. But, the battery can not be charged while in use, and, of coarse, the MX app chews batt life like a drunk on chicken wings, not that there's anything wrong with wings after a few. Anywho, I'd like to think of myself as a bit of a sharpie in the rehelm of angling with a little McGyver mixed in ( emergency tape and shark wire my go to fix it) for work arounds, so this bit of technical 'no can do amigo' just dose not sit right with me, my dad was 27 year navy sub mechanic-diesel/nuke, he gave me the boat after he completely rebuilt the engine block up, I know your the Obi Wan of GPS tech, I've read your posts, is there any way i can burn a new data set on a blank card ( legally bought ) that would work in my 172c maps? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Capt. MT
Maps for older GPS unit
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ SLAYMASTER ~

First, you will need a transfer program to install the maps on a spare card or via your unit or by using a connection cable. Try Garminís MapSource, Trip and Waypoint Manager and the free download BASECAMP and or MapInstall. They still offer the BASECAMP and MapInstall on their web site. The others may be hard to find.

Secondly, the older discontinued GPS models cannot read new map data and the newer type maps can not work in these units.

If your GPS can accommodate the older MapSource files, you may be able to find something that will work from a mapping web site called GPS FILE DEPOT. ( Most of the Depot maps are free downloads, only asking for a donation.

Go to the web site and search for maps in the US and then NJ and NY. Try the TOPO maps for these states. Yes, I know, you are in a boat, but many of the Topos cover near shore features. The Topo version may give you what you need, although they donít give water depths or marine NavAids as a NOAA Marine Chart will do. Depending on the draft and operating range of your boat you may be able to use the Topo version of the maps.

In trying download the Garmin BaseCamp from their web site, then the Depot files. The map files should show up in the BaseCamp program in the My maps window at the top of the screen.

Another way would be for you to purchase a Marine mapping program such as Richards MapTech Navigator and Navigator Pro. ( installing it in laptop PC and use a connecting cable to your GPS unit. In doing so, your position will show up on the displayed charts, topos and aerial views of the program. In fact both MapTech programs have ALL NOAA Marine Charts from Canada to Texas.

I wish I had a specific answer to your dilemma, but I donít. Sooner or later, hopeful later, you will be forced to purchase a new GPS unit. Yes, you will have to bite the bullet, but when doing so, check out the unitís mapping types and date of issue. Most newer units can accommodate even aerial photo maps. Regardless, you should get one of the aforementioned backup programs and save your existing waypoints and routes which will allow you to back up all of the data.

Hope this helps.

Captain Paul
I had the 172c. Great gps until it bit the dust earlier this year. I used mapsource to enter all coordinates and was able to run around the marshes fine. Sure itll show some land masses where there is water but even my updated 541s has about the same picture quality of my previous unit.