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Need help transferring GPS waypoints to new Humminbird device.

I purchased the Edge coordinates for Lafitte and Cocodrie/Dulac. But i inadvertently bought them for the Garmin instead of my Humminbird 581iHD. I would like to know if their is anyway to exchange them. Also, the Humminbird unit is still pretty new to me, and I am operating from a Mac computer. So how would I transfer the data from the computer to the SD card? Thank you for your help and knowledge thus far. You are a great help for a beginner fisherman like myself!
EDGE transfer Info
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ JacobD89 ~

Send me an email with the order receipt to me and I will send you the correct one for your Humminbird GPS system. My enmail address is

I canít guarantee that it will work on a Mac or Apple system, but you should get a HUMMINBIRD PC data transfer download. It is FREE vai their web site. You will need the model and serial number of your GPS unit to complete the download. I suggest that you contact the Humminbird Support people for that information concerning the MAC issue.

Basically, you save the EDGE file to a folder on your computer, I suggest that you name it something like Library/GPS/Lafitte and again for the Cocodrie area.

Then, open the Humminbird PC program and under the FILE icon, select the OPEN icon. The file should appear at the top of the screen. Now click on the displayed file in the Humminbird program and all of the waypoints for that area should appear. Next following the instructions of the PC program, transfer all of the waypoints to a spare SD memory card. This card is then placed in your GPS unit and the waypoints loaded into the internal Waypoint memory of your unit.

Contact me if you and additional info.

~ Captain Paul ~
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I have just e-mailed you the order confirmation. Thank you for your timely response, and as soon as i get the correct data, i will attempt to do the transfer. In the mean time, i will contact Humminbird. Thank you for all of your help.