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Trailer Queen: Question About Stolen Trailer

Trailer Queen, i have a unique situation/question. I was out of town for well over a year, close to two and when i came back my boat was gone!

1982 ArrowGlass Freedom One HULL:ELDBB014M82G
1982 Mercury 150HP Black Max SERIAL:06043121
1983 McClain trailer

since it had been so long when i went to the police they started with the 'why did'nt you report it before' routine. they did not even care to mess with it. so i tried to have it registered with Wildlife and Fisheries as stolen, but they would not touch it until i had a police report, went round and round a few times and gave up.

BUT, i made it a point to try to keep the registrations up to date in the hopes that it would throw a red flag if someone tried to register the boat/motor and especially the trailer!

i bought it in TX so i have the original TX title for the boat AND motor, then i got the boat and trailer titled in LA (LA doesn't title motors, but i have the registration). so i have all the documentation possible.

my question for you is this, after reading all the ways people have tried to get titles on trailers when they 'lost' the original, is it possible someone could have still used one of these 'homemade tricks' or used a title service other than the DMV to get a legit title or registration? and is there anyway to tell if someone has tried to put it in their name using a title service or something or applying for a title in another state?

I REALLY want to find who stole it, its been about 4-5 years now and i still have not given up. :)

thanks in advance

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