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How are the fish in Dularge?

A friend of mine is coming in town from Pennsylvania, and he's never been to Louisiana or fished in saltwater. I am hoping to put him on some big reds or even some specs on friday, the 20th. I plan to use plastics, but i would like to know if live bait is a better option. Being a rookie boat owner, i am also lacking in knowledge as far as where to go and where to avoid. If anyone could give me suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. I understand you wont give me your honey hole, but any advice would definitely be helpful! Thanks to anyone for a response, and happy fishing!
The fishing has been great near the islands and outer bays and beaches. Look for clean moving water. the fish are just about everywhere.

You should probably have live bait this time of year, especially since this guy is coming all the way from PA. I'd hate for him to come all this way and not catch because I didn't get bait.
Thank you
Thanks for the response, and i will be looking for some clean and protected waters. We will be launching out of Jugs in Dularge, and according to their website, they don't have any live shrimp. Do you know if this is accurate? And if so, where else can i find some Live/ Bait shrimp?
There are a few places that I know but I fish out of Dulac.

Popeye's bait: 9370 Grand Calliou Road 985-227-1959

Got Bait: just south of Terrebone Parish prison on Grand Calliou.

Tracy Macy bait boat: parked just east of Rock Island in the nave canal: 985-855-6122 (Capt. Ricky)