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hey Capt. You misunderstood me I want to know what you think of lowrance with a 7 inch screen which model is the best for the price. seems there are many models Hds /touch/ chirp. What is your opinion of structure scan? Can a map be made on a computer easily for this unit EX google earth how hard to enter your chip Capt paul edge. give you thoughts on these units please
Which Gps to get? ?
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Mike the Tiger ~

~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Mike the Tiger ~

Sorry Mike,

If you are set on a Lowrance GPS unit, start with the HDS series Gen2 units are the top of the line in performance and price. For such Gen 2 they start at about $850.00.

I personally donít like the touch screen models as they are sometimes hard to operate in bad weather and cold temperatures when you have to wear gloves.

Lowrance also has a line that they call the ELITE line. I would start with those units as a starting point.

Remember that the price increases as the size of the screens increase, as well as if it is a colored screen. I donít know of a program that will allow you to use Google Earth images while under way. The Earth programs requires a link to a Wi Fi or cell phone data link in order to display the maps.

When planning your purchase be sure to include the Lowrance INSIGHT PLANNER. This will allow you to save and install tracks, routes and waypoints to and from your computer and GPS unit. It is a for sale item on the Lowrance web site.

I am sorry, but I canít give you the expertise you will need to assist in the selection of the sonar ~ depth ~ fish finder part of the system.

Most sonar units will have a hard time giving you an accurate image of the bottom when traveling at todayís boat speeds in two feet of water. You may find one but I doubt it.

Captain Paul