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Red Snapper War Continues

Have you heard the news? ALL... I repeat ALL of the gulf states have basically told the NMFS to go take a flying leap!

All gulf states are currently noncompliant with the federal gulf red snapper season.

I cross my fingers and hope an prey that the next step is for all the gulf states to get together and make Red Snapper a game species like was done with Redfish many moons ago when you couldn't hardly catch one.

The states are fighting back and together we (gulf states) are stronger than when we are divided.
Mike, what happened at the last Gulf Management Council meeting 2 weeks ago??? Nothing has been reported. Seems like, until there are changes in the MS Act, we will be left with 1-2 week seasons. The judge's ruling really handcuffed the council. It is impossible to collect enough data in that short of a time to determine how much fish is actually harvested. Very little data means large margins of error. On top of that, they have to apply a large buffer to ensure there is know way the calculation model will show fisherman caught above their quota. The analysis is only as good as the quality and amount of data collected. Fact of the matter is, I am not sure what the increase in quota would do to lengthening the season. Not sure who quoted this, but trying to assess how much fish was harvested and health of the stock in 9 days is like taking a national poll by questioning 5 people. The data is so limited, it is worthless.
Mike - thanks for staying on top of this. I'm glad to hear that all five Gulf states have gone non-compliant and told the NMFS to pound sand.

Confused - You nailed it - unless we fix the 2006 Reauthorized Magnuson Stevens Act, we are going to continue to get screwed by NMFS and the Environmental Industry.

HR4742 Flexibility In Fishing Act will go a long way to fixing the anti-recfishing regs that the Environmental Industry snuck into the 2006 Mag Act.

Pres., 100 Fathom Fishing Club
What has happened. NMFS still pushing catch shares.

'The judge's ruling really handcuffed the council.'

No it didn't. It gave the council exactly what they wanted.

This is what the ruling gave them:
1. A mandate to do something.
2. But not specific on exactly what to do.

So what do they do? Follow their plan that is what. Instead of fixing their data collection like they have been told to do many years ago. They simply cut your TAC. This is what they want.

People need to understand they are trying to cut you out of the fishery. Mismanagement is the only way to do it. Mismanagement is intentional. Not just stupid managers.