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Rude fisherman

Day 2 fishing from camp. Went to same place saturday morning got there a little later so a boat was in spot i fished friday so i fish another. We HAVE SOME FREAKIN RUDE PEEPS. As i was fishing another-spot and started catching fish again and all of a sudden boats ever where around me. One guy was so close it was pathadic and even stared throwin his line right was. Told him that was close enough. Any ways i was stil catching good quality fish in spite. Had 40 Fish and had enough of these people so went back to camp. I'm telling ya it was like the cows running to get fead
And how is that any different than any other weekend at Grand Isle?? That place is ridiculous and has been for the last 8-10 years.
I feel your pain
Nice mess of fish especially considering a lot people have been struggling to find them down there this year.

Unfortunately that is a pretty common experience around Grand Isle where have had a few similar experiences myself. I expect to fish in close proximity to other boats down there. It's just hard to avoid it but inside of casting distance is too close. No excuses for that.

I am heading down in the morning and staying for a week.

Any other tips for putting my family on some specs? I was planning on pointing the boat out to the Elmer's beach or the rocks in front of the state park in the morning.

rude fisherman??? sorry to say there always will be why, I have no idea?? I guess they figure no one owns the water??? but it sure can ruin your fun!!!
Fishing to close
Unfortunately that how some people fish these days! There's a few on the waters with no courtesy. Don't have issues with people fishing near me but if you can hit there boat with your bait there TOO close!

You know saying:

'The early bird gets the worm until the buzzards come in to pick off the meat right in front of you!!!'
Huntley nice mess of fish I understand your frustration, but there are those who know how to fish and those that want you to do all the work and they slip in on your research sought alike welfare lol
'Lack of Protocol'
Chief Polkahinnie's called the 'Me-Me-Me' generation !!!...(some don't even know what it means)...cheers
I know what the me me me generation means!!! everybody has to do the work for you and you just come in and reap the rewards from the working people!!! u just being politically correct!!!! that's good but its bad also!!! just tell it like it is!!!! cheers!!!!
Had a guide friend fish that area today and he didn't have much luck. He said the closer he got to Fouchon the water got dirty. Not sure what the wind will be but i would go to timbalier and fish the oppsite side of the island the wind is blowing in. Look for birds and schools of mullet on surface. If you have gps look for 5-10 ft of water, sandy bottom. I did not catch one fish under a cork either day. Fished live shrimp on bottom but with light sinker just enough to throw to spot without being on top of fish. You want the shrimp to look as natural as possiable. I used the matrix electric chicken or h&h. Tip h&h is a much tuffer bait. Also pink champain color on a 1/4 long shank jig head. Be patience and work it slow to start. Saturday i had to fish it a little faster bumping and jigging off the bottom. Be careful when you head out there, there is some under water structure. Good luck hope this helped.
We caught some in the surf on Elmer's island on purple and white . It was sorta slow but when the birds would pass we'd go back out and catch a few more .

I saw a boat with 6 people working some birds for about 45 minutes right off the beach . They were putting a whoopin on the trout ! The beach was so crowded we couldn't really ride down to where they were so we waited until the birds came by us to catch them .
Rude fisherman solution
I have a solution on how to deal with boats when dey crowd in on you...... Take a big orange n green hard plastic cajun cork on a spinning rig. Cast it at them n land it in their boat. 8 out of 10 times even the 'smart' ones figure things out!!!!!
No shame in their game
I agree with ya on people too close or someone see you fishing or crabbing and they don't slow down. I get mad ALL THE TIME WHEN I go fishing now. A lot of guides say people come around them and watch to see if they catching. If they catch something, the boat is on them. Cast and hit their boat. They might get the hint. Great Catch!!!!!!!