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what did I do wrong!?!

I went fish a rig about 6 -7 miles off the coast of grand isle the water was 60 foot deep and had a light green tent to water i tryed everything i used small pogie and small croakers shirmp and tryed at diffrent depths i dint catch a single fish :/ then a boat came up to rig and started tearing up the red snapper was my bait to small or not right type bait or maybe to small weight im not sure can someone help
thanks tyler
No idea
You need to tell us what you were doing, what set up you used, etc. to tell you if you were doing something wrong. What was the current like? Were the other boats catching Red Snapper or Mangroves? Were you fishing for Mangroves?
could you tell what the other boat was using? usually if you stay a respectable distance and ask the other fisherman, most would be willing to share a bit of info to help out another angler
What are the basics because i dont know what way the current was going and to be honest i had a 2 oz weight with just a hook on the end. And im not sure what kind of bait they were useing
mmmmK. You're not being much help. Typical Red Snapper set up is a carolina type rig. Was the 2 Oz weight enough to hold your line straight down?

If the other boat was catching snapper, they were there, but maybe your line was being pulled away from the rig? If they are down there, Snapper will eat just about anything
Any size bait would work such as small srimp or small crokers?
Trust me if the other boat was at the same rig as you and were tearing up the red snapper then it wasn't your bait or your set up. More than likely you were fishing the wrong depth. Look at your fish finder and see what depth the fish are holding. Don't fish the bottom if the fish are at 20' or vice versa. Red snapper will eat anything. You can only catch if your bait is in front of the fish.
Hard to say
If it was a very large rig then it could be location. But I doubt that.

Depth could certainly be an issue but in only 60 foot of water that shouldn't be to much of an issue unless you ONLY tried right below the boat or only smack dab on the bottom.

Was you bait rotten. Grasping at straws.

Were they catching mostly red snapper. This senerio is much much much more likely to happen if Mangroves are involved.

Red Snapper are stupid. Mangroves are not.

Mangroves are line shy. Mangroves love live bait!

What kind of line where you using? This matter for Mangroves.

I realize you said red snapper but you are new to this, so is it possible they caught only a few red snapper and the others were mangroves?

Maybe some chemical got on your bait? Sunscreen? Maybe on your hands to the bait!!!
Agree with other comments I'd like to add: Was the other boat up current and you down current. Was he fishing mid depth, bottom, was he chumming, were you using heavier line than him etc. All kinds of factors involved I'm afraid