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Grand Slam?????? Mean?

Grand Slam? Does anyone know exactly what it is? Do you have to limit out on trout, red, drum, flounder or just catch a combination? I showed a friend my catch and he said it was a grand slam.
Made a Wednesday trip to my same area and did pretty good. I was working a white h and h plastic jig and landed this nice little flounder. He measured 17.2 “ I rarely land them, but does any one know what is a good size flounder? This is the one fish I do not know much about, cleaning them is really easy!
I was standing in the KC in the high position on a boat chair. I noticed a nice red tailing and through the plastic a few feet away, right then in their something hit it hard! I looked up and I had a flounder in the kc. Good day of fishing!
a grand slam is anytime i get enough fish for a meal.
I would have to agree with you on that lol
cajun grand slam we call it, when you catch redfish speckle trout and flounder, when you add in them sheep head then it is a grand slam with a texas twist
Louisiana really doesn’t have an official Grand Slam or regular slam for that matter.

Many consider a “Cajun Slam” to be a legal trout, red and flounder all caught in the same trip. Many kayak tournaments have a Cajun Slam division and that is usually the biggest prizes.

While there is no minimum size limit on flounder, many kayak tournaments consider 12” as the minimum allowed to be entered.
17.5” is a nice size flounder and a good eating size. They do get much bigger though.

Nice haul.
I normally do not keep trout unless there 14' and up. I figured I could cook it with the flounder and was the first time I caught the combination on a trip. Do you know when the flounder will be running in the system again? I remember a bait guy told me last year...and that day I caught one that right around 18'. I typically catch them on inline spinners or just pure randomness. thanks
Flounder, by design feed mostly on the bottom and can be aggressive feeders. They are sometimes seen jumping out of the water while feeding.You need to get a feel for hooking them and they have a distinct bite. They are notorious for getting off the hook, especially in a kayak. I keep them in the net until I can put a bogs grip on and then keep the grip on until they are safely in the box with the lid snapped tightly shut.

A lot of folks catch them “accidentally,” but they can be targeted. When using artificials, I also like an in-line spinner slow rolled along the bottom. White, chartreuse and Gulp glow are my favorite colors. Gulp shrimp on a light jig-head works well.

Flounder prefer harder mud or sandy bottoms since they usually burrow on the bottom waiting to ambush. They can’t do that in shells.

For live bait, they will hit shrimp and minnows. Fish them near marsh drains and along points where the wind or current moves bait across the point.

Flounder migrate towards the Gulf in the fall for spawning and good numbers can be caught in October and November, but there are some in the marshes all year long.
That is a nice picture! Flounder is the one fish I have never limited out on. I'm glad there is people like you on here who actually share knowledge with others. I do not believe in just giving locations up but sharing knowledge is what I'm about. I believe people should work areas where ever and if they can fish then they will catch fish! First time I went fishing I caught one rat red. Now the same area where I go I have learned it like the back of my hand. My plan is to target the flounder when the time is right. You are right I caught that guy on a point, where the water was re-seeding out. I may not get a limit this year, but if i try hard enough eventually Ill get them. That is what makes fishing fun, a challenge!!!!!