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Trailer Inspection sticker

HB316 by Representative Richard 'Richie' Burford

MTR VEHICLE/INSPECTION: Exempts single axle two-wheel trailers from motor vehicle inspection requirements (EN DECREASE SG RV See Note) According to ( HB316 ) its any single axle trailer no sticker it does not specify boat but if its a dual axle trailer it would need a sticker
not doubting you but, I read all boat trailers exempt, but all utility trailers needs one, single axle included!! here we go again!! government at work!! clear and precise??? don't you just love it??? everyone was worried about a government shutdown, but that mite be exactly what we need???
Inspection sticker
Gaspard Collision and Motor Vehicle Inspection, All Boat Trailers Exempt, All single axle utility trailers Exempt, But if you have a utility trailer with two axle u will need a sticker.