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big lake wma arhery

Looking to hunt Big Lake WMA this year during bow and primitive weapon. Never been there. Can anyone please share any experience they have had?? Maybe what areas to look at? I know it's a lot of palmetto thickets. Any help would be appreciated.
over hunted
It is severely over-hunted due to too many gun days after Christmas, and wide open no lottery restriction.

It will Never produce another McMurray buck until the State shuts down all that gun hunting.

For the Thanksgiving holidays, the gun hunt is also wide open to unlimited number of hunters and they do kill entire families of deer, including many 60 pounders, buttons etc.

. Until they shut down all those wide open gun days, Big Lake WMA will be a garbage dump of a place to hunt.

Sorry to be so disappointing, but I do not sugar coat anything. IF I were you, I would go somewhere else.

written from the 10th floor balcony in Orange Beach, AL. Phoenix East