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Summer Heat... yuk

OK. Number 1. It is freaking HOT.

Battery died this morning and had to delay Toni and I's departure till I could get jumped off and get a new battery. Planned on leaving before five but ended up leaving at 5:45 am. So much for the early start.

As we were approaching my neighbors (hunting club) gate that I have to go through before I even get to my land. I see a bigish deer crossing the dirt road up ahead. There were three. The second one was a beast. It was about 100 yards ahead of the truck and about 200 yards from the gate.

All I could make out was a monster rack but not how may points. I just know it was tall and I am sure it must have been at least a 10 point judging by the lack of air in the rack. Looked like one big palmation like a moose. Obviously not, but with it being in velvet and all that brown it couldn't have been on a couple of points up top.

It wasn't all that hot today on the weather forcast... but oh man by 9:30 my camp/shooting house was already at 100! I know because I installed a thermometer today.

Worked a bit on the door and the windows and put in two earth anchors to hold the structure down in high winds.

Oh man. Door didn't seal exactly the way I wanted so I will be tinkering with that next time I go up. Probably just make do with another can of expanding foam and call it good.

Windows I am still not happy with so I will make a couple at home to replace the ones up there when my mod didn't work out.

Man it is like a jungle out there. ladder was completely covered in vines since my last trip.

Went and cooled off in Coles Creek for awhile and then high tailed it home. Saw a little doe run across the road on the way out. Of course that one was closer to my property instead of the beast we saw in the morning.

Had almost 200 pics on my trail cam before the batteries gave out. But of course I forgot the replacement card so I replaced the batteries and just left the card in. So didn't get to see any good pics.
MIke good to here that you at least got started. I am anxious to get out there myself. Early August we will get things kicked off. We plan to do a lot of scouting in new areas, since my buddy has a new Gator Tail. Should be fun seeing some areas we have never been to. Be careful and be safe, buddy!