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Garmin 541s edge file install

Capt Paul,

I just bought your edge file for big lake. I keep my boat an hour away at a marina. I want to come prepared with exactly what I need to install the edge file.

Do you suggest a data card or is it possible to hook my garmin up to my computer?

Thanks for the help!
EDGE for A Garmin GPS unit
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ WhoDat08 ~

Here are some suggestions.

Yes there is a Garmin cable with both power and data link, but the data end of the cable does not have any type of connection. You would have to have a person who is computer savvy to place a connection that is compatible with one of the different ports on your PC.

That unit is meant to communicate with a computer via a SPARE DATA CARD. A spare SD card is the way to go.

First download the FREE Garmin data transfer program they call BASE CAMP from their web site and install it in your computer.

This will allow you to have the ability to transfer data to and from the GPS unit and your computer via the spare data card.

With saying that there is another task you will have to do. You MUST first place the data card in your GPS unit with the unit off, then turn it on and do any function. This writes a code on the spare card that lets Base Camp and later the same GPS unit communicate with the card. Of course you would also need the EDGE File that ends in .gdb and .gpx. This file is the actual data file.

So, you will have to first visit your boat and access the GPS. If you have a lap top PC, you can bring it with you as long as it has a card reader-writer and has the Base camp installed.

If not then you would have to visit your boat, install the SD card then use it in your PC.

Before you go, print out the Acrobat .pdf file and the spreadsheet file. Bring them on board in a plastic zip lock type bag.

Captain Paul
Re: Garmin 541s edge file install
Help! I need to print a new excel file and laminate it. My old one finally wore out but I can't find the excel file to save my life!! How can I get another excel file for big lake?