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Average kayak distance

I'm thinking pretty seriously about getting a kayak soon. I've come to realize that I won't be able to afford a boat for another 5 years probably... (College, life, etc..)
So I'm thinking about getting a kayak by the end of the year. One to duck hunt, inshore fish, offshore/beach fish, possibly freedive or dive from when I go to FL, etc..
I used to have a canoe that I would paddle maybe 3/4 of a mile at most to get where I needed to go. I consider myself pretty fit. I'll walk two miles to a good duck spot. I'm just not sure how far I can paddle a kayak, so I'm wondering what the average distance you guys go is for whatever you're going to do.
i'd say i average 500 yards. i never really need to paddle much farther to find fish. i have one of the cheapest kayaks on the market. pelican castaway. it is really lightweight but im definitely about to upgrade. i wanted to see if i would enjoy kayak fishing before i invested in an expensive one.

feels awesome catching trout and reds from a $200 kayak and get back to the launch and have more fish than 3-4 guys on an expensive bay/bass boat.

i paddled the 'tour du teche' in this kayak. its a race on the bayou teche in breaux bridge. i paddled 65 miles in one saturday. distance isn't really an issue.