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Air intake 31hp

Ive been looking at a longtail with the same air intake as the surface drive in the picture. Will have the filters not covered like that affect the motor whiles its running in the rain? I appreciate any info
I would sure think yes!!!! but an opinion not a mechanic!!!
hard rain
Yes , It a got in some rain and it stop , luckey we got it running again, if u get in rain do not slow and u will b ok. We had slowed down at the time but after we go it running we open it up it was ok but I would say go to a safe place out of the rain r go home.
If the top of the air cleaner was bigger and hung down more it would help with the problem some. Say that's a 5 in air cleaner. Get a top for an 8-10 in. That would make it concave down over the filter some and stop rain from coming straight down into filter.
K & N Rain cover
K & N makes a rain cover to go over the filter. Boat Harahan should have them.

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