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Asian Carp

While fishing on the Lower Natalbany Sunday, a boat pulled up and asked us if we could identify a fish that jumped into their boat. Sure enough and sad to see, it was a big Asian Carp close to 30lbs. So that means they're going to be in Tickfaw and Blood River as well. Not good.
Not good
I fished the Natalbany River and Ponchatoula Creek two weekends ago and had a couple of them jump by the boat. They looked to be 20-30 pounds.

Are we sure they're not Grass Carp? I believe those have been in those rivers for quite some time and know they can get big, but I'm not sure if they jump like Asian carp and I have never seen either of them up close to be able to tell the difference.

But this was the first time I've ever had any jump out of the water next to the boat like that in the last 5 years of regular fishing there.
There in the amite river too
I reported a dead 25-30 lb Asian carp to La wildlife after the flood gates were opened a few years ago. I see them all the time. they make excellent cut bait, but you better use pliers to get the pieces off the hook when you are done. tough skinned fugly fishes...
Those suckers are here to stay. People are going to have to learn to live with them. It is now impossible to get rid of them.

I am amazed that this country or any country allows exotics in for so little benefit. Pets and to control weeds etc is no excuse to allow something in that can't be exterminated once it gets loose. And of course it is just a matter of time before they are let loose or get loose. The risk just don't justify the meager benefits. But here we are.
there is a way to stop them in coastal waters
The proposed revisions in the State Master Plan has labeled invasive species a low priority. Only in Louisiana would so-called experts make such dangerous 30-lb jumpers a low priority. There is a way to stop them from taking over the remaining waterways, but a few people need to question 'the doctrine.'