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Can anyone help?

Ive been wanting to get a kayak for a while now. I do have a boat and a pirogue i just like the idea and fishing out of a kayak. Can anyone suggest a kayak that isnt too pricey but comfortable to fish out of?
Kayak Suggestion
Kayaks are designed for specific uses with trade-offs on speed for stability. If you want to stand, expect to pay a bit more. Plus another issue is how easily you can handle transporting the kayak if done alone. Some are a bit heavy and awkward to handle. For instance, I owned a Wilderness Systems Commander 140 that I could carry on my shoulder easily for as long as I wanted to. I now have a Tarpon 160 that seems impossible to carry more than 20 yards. I could stand in the Commander and fish, and throw a cast net. That isn't happening in a Tarpon 160, ever, by anyone. But the advantage I have with the 160 is that I can easily paddle long distances and take offshore.

Taking price into consideration, I recommend an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 from Academy for $699.00. I owned a Prowler 15, years ago and I trust the kayak design to go offshore. It's robust and easy to move. You won't be able to stand on it, but you will be able to paddle for distance. You will need a paddle, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND the ones sold at Academy, Bass Pro, or Cabelas. This is an item that you truly get what you pay for. A good paddle will run you about $200.00. Use a paddle fit guide to pick the right length for your height. Look for a paddle at Masseys or order online from Austin Canoe and Kayak, also known as ACK.

If you want a more specific recommendation, tell us exactly where you will be fishing. What is your target species? My recommendation on the Prowler is given based on versatility - it will work in all environments and I trust it. My second recommendation would be a Perception Pescadore 12. It is an older Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 design.
salt water
Id like to use it for inshore fishing. more than likely ill use it in grand isle, point au chene, lake ponchartrain, and port sulfer. i have a godevil ive just been wanting a kayak for a while. seems like it would be a blast and a good sense of self satisfaction since ill be working for my catch
Ascend 12t
buddy of mine just got this one at BASS Pro total price less than 600. its nice or get a Hobie Pro angler for $3000 but your correct really fun and totally diffrent than a Pirouge

have fun man