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Great Redfish Adventure!

Great to have some new customers on the big Blazer Bay on Saturday morning. Some really great guys including Caleb Latiolais (Gator Outfitters), Cody Bourque,Bryson Theriot and Jonathan Borne. The guys wanted to tackle the bronzebacks and they did just that! We left the dock around 7:30 am as I told them no hurry as the fish would most likely be there. Upon arrival we fished about 20 minutes before the first fish bit the dust. After that it was “fish on” just about every cast until we limited out. The reds averaged 18-27 inches and they were hungry! It was an incredible bite as the guys had double and triple hook ups as the reds were going wild. The only negative aspect of the trip is that Caleb was hooked in the finger and his day was over after catching his first fish. We thought he may have been able to ice up the finger and push it through but it was too deep. He was a trooper as he allowed his 3 friends to continue fishing until their limits were reached. We immediately headed back to the “Lakehouse” and arrived back at 10:00. They went to Urgent Care and the hook was successfully removed with no problems. I spoke with Caleb today and hes doing great! The guys are already looking forward to another trip to the DU! Good luck fishing.

Capt Bill Lake

Bayou Guide Service