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Need some Rio Grande Cichlids

I'm looking to stock a few Rio Grande Cichlids in my 1/2 acre pond. I know alot of guys used to catch them in and around NOLA fly fishing. If anyone might be making a trip soon and wouldn't mind parting with some, please contact me.
Don't Do It

It is against Louisiana law for an angler to possess or sell Rio Grand cichlids. If one is caught using legal means, a cichlid shall not be returned to the water or kept alive.

Cichlids are an invasive species and this is to prevent their spread to other areas. If you put them in a pond and it has a drain to other areas or floods and overflows, those fish can spread all over. Also, it's possible that eggs can be spread by birds and hatch in other water bodies.

The law is there for good reason and you don't want to be caught breaking it.
Yes that is correct...
I remember several years ago catching my first one in City Park (Metairie) throwing homemade flies/micro jigs using a 7 ft. ultra light.

I was told by my neighbor(Wildlife Officer)to kill or discard of all that I caught and don't put back in the water. They are very invasive and will kill or stunt the bluegill population.

Yeah man you don't want to do that! A definite fine...
Kill them all!
'Thou Shall Not Waste'
Geronimo sez:...catch an donate'em to starving journalist...cheers