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lower unit

Well, if any of you were heading out yesterday morning and saw someone in a yellow CC trolling along in Bayou LaLoutre, that was me...In case you were wondering 'why is this fool trolling here? there ain't no fish here!' let me clear the air

I was about 3 miles from the launch, and my 225 oceanrunner redlined, and we coasted to a stop. After realizing that I was screwed, I dropped the trolling motor and watched the sunrise as we slowly made our way back to the launch.

Now, for the long story.... I re-started the engine, it ran great, but the shifter was very stiff and I couldn't get out of neutral. After messing with it for a minute, the shifter is smooth. I took the cowl off, and I can see the linkage with the shift switch, everything seems to function with no hangups. When I put it into forward OR reverse, I can spin the prop somewhat freely. There is a little bit of resistance, and the entire shaft spins with the prop, so I assume that It's not stripped. When in neutral, I can spin the prop easily as usual. I did take the oil plug out of the lower unit to find about an ounce of water in the oil. I hope that someone here knows what to look for, I'm sure I will have to remove the lower unit and at least replace all of the seals. I do have the technicians manual for this motor, but it just gives step by step on how to disassemble and reassemble...Any help would be great, it's much too hot to be out there scratching my head
It could be many things. I had that happen before and the pinion gear on the bottom of the shaft split. You going to have to drop the foot and take it apart. Put all new seals when you remediate the problem and do a pressure check. Good luck
I'm a Merc guy, Don't know how the shift mechanism is set up on a OMC. Merc's shift shafts rotate. I helped a guy with a Tohatsu with a shifting problem down in houma last week. His stopped shifting. The Tohatsu shifts with an up/down engagement of the shift linkage to the lower unit. This guys' shift rod coupler had lost a pin, which limited the range of motion of the linkage. It bound up some what as well, like you describe. Once I re- realigned his coupling to the lower shift shaft and found a suitable nail laying in the parking lot to replace the pin with, he was back on the water again.
Same thing happened on my 50 Evenrude when I dropped the lower unit the shaft broken.
Well, I drained the oil and it was gray and milky, so I pulled it off (which was pretty simple) I had to cut the impeller off of the shaft so I could get to the bolts that hold the drive shaft bearing in...That bearing was toast, and the shaft pulled right out. The entire end of it sheared off just below the lower driveshaft bearing, which had also welded itself together. the end of the shaft and the top of the broken piece inside were nice shiny smooth surfaces. Tried to pull the bearing block out of the foot and had zero luck, it was apparent that the previous owner doesn't deserve to own a boat.

I ended up doing two things....I got one of those SEI lower units and am still breaking it in (FYI when they say keep it under 3500rpm, that means don't plane out and THEN let off to 3400rpm, One of the reps told me to literally just put around and shift often)

second, I took a side grinder and cut the foot apart to salvage the forward and reverse gears, all looks good..If anyone needs parts, I've got some!
Finally made it through my initial break in on the SEI lower unit. I didn't take it above 2500rpm for most of the first 5 hours, luckily the weather was nice enough to just go for a few rides. I did the whole 'shift into reverse and forward at least 10 times every trip' and checked my lube oil before and after every use, and found just a few small shavings of metal on the plug after 2 hours....From what I understand, this is just the excess that hasn't been shaved off after they remove it from the mold in China, and it is expected.

Now, we're at the stage where I can intermittently give it some throttle. I feel bad that I haven't been able to rev my engine up for a while, two strokes like to scream....So far so good, no weird sounds/vibrations/etc.

Another good thing is that I believe whoever had this motor before me replaced the original lower unit with one from the V8, which is somewhat interchangeable, but the gear ratio must be different between that and my V6. I bought the correct ratio for my serial number, and 2500rpm pushes my 22' bay boat just as fast as the previous lower unit would at 3200. Anyway, it's working great, I am satisfied so far, and it is probably because I did follow the break in instructions to the 'T'. It is frustrating when you can't put that throttle down, especially when everyone is passing me up in the bayou!