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Wait until after the full moon on Monday the 8th of August then go look. Don't get to excited about no birds until after that. Remember they are photo period migraters. When they sense the days are getting shorter they will come if they are capable. Last year alot of the birds were not flight ready so it took longer due to the late winter. They came in smaller sporatic groups that were hard to concentrate and hunt. Hopefully this hard winter we just went through does not cause the same problem as last year. Larry says he saw alot of teal up north and the numbers seem to be very high so I am hopefull. As long as there are no major rain events to temporarily flood areas above us between now and the opener we should be good. They love freshly flooded field type areas to feed. Regarless they have to come through us and Texas to get to South America and Texas is dry so I suspect again that Western LA will be covered in overflow and again have a great seasona as usual. Just my 2 cents.

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