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Cant Register MS Trailer

Really need some legal help... Just purchased a boat with a trailer from a older guy in MS who didn't have a title or registration for the trailer. The DMV told me that since the 'Performance Trailers' VIn was never filled in and I only have a bill of sale it can never be registered in La.... The only identifier on the whole trailer is the sticker plate which was never filled in and on the tongue it has a stamp that says '2000 Century 9889'

All that said do i have any options aside from buying a scrap trailer with papers or lying and saying it is home made (which it clearly isnt)
Never, Never, ever buy a trailer without a tittle or registration.
I thought that you could take it to the State Trooper's office and have an inspection done there where you can be issued new paperwork? Again, that's only what I recall reading on a forum at one point.

A pricey lesson to be sure, and one that others should be aware of. When purchasing a boat/trailer, the person selling it to you will likely say how registration won't be a problem when paperwork is missing. Sadly, they are also trying to get it off of their hands which is why they let it go for so cheap. See it a lot on Craigslist boats/trailers.

Will you post if you find a solution?
go to or call ms dmv. registerit in ms first. then when you get a ms title reregister it in la. I know people that have done this in the past and it works.
you can get it registered in Louisiana. I bought a bass boat trailer combo from alabama and the guy didnt register the trailer because it was under a certain size and didnt have to register it. i paid my taxes on the trailer at the state capitol building in Baton Rouge and at the parish tax office where i live (state and parish tax), got the bill of sale itemized and notarized. then went to the state troopers office to get them to inspect it for new paperwork (bring your tax paperwork, and original bill of sale). then go to the dmv with all of the paperwork to get it registered. thats pretty much what i did in short form, but you can definitely get it registered in louisiana. the piece of mind that you'll have knowing you are completely legal on the hwy is worth the effort alone. hope this helps