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If you shoot Hevi Metal

Or any other hevi products.. what are your goto shells?

I stick to Hevi Metal 3' BB's for everything from puddle ducks, to honkers, to snows. For me, it's just easier to stick with one load and not have to switch around for various hunts.

What do you use?
federal 3' no 2 1 &1/8 ... Buy one shell and shoot it. If you keep shooting different loads with different speeds, then you ave to correct your lead each shot. shopdunns has the federals at 115 a case.
Hevi pimp
Pay no mind to this post,he's just a hevishot pimp. They go around to all the waterfowl forums pimping hevi whatever just trying to drum up business.
I like #4 experts for small ponds and #2 experts for the open marsh. In the end my dog reduces crippling losses more than $30 a box shells. Not to mention gettin em close as you can.