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Coastal Restoration

This is a walkable land map of Louisiana from this story:

Do you think this map would change opinions on the importance of coastal restoration?
Coastal Restoration should be responsibility of the Landowners
This plays well into another recent post on public access. This article should give anyone a better appreciation for the fact that the land in Louisiana is disappearing. I think something should be done about it because the coastal land is so beneficial to our State. But all of that is private property that has disappeared. So the choice to do something about it rests on the landowners. Let them spend their money fixing it. If everybody can't use it, then tax dollars shouldn't be spent rebuilding it.
man oh man, leave it up to the landowner?
Leave it up to the landowner to restore their property?

most of the property in Louisiana is private. However, when it comes to marshes and coastal forests, (wetlands) that land (even though it is private) benefits us all. We should try to protect that in any way possible (with tax dollars). Marshes are some of the most productive ecosystems in the world and are nurseries for a ton of different recreational and commercially important species and I could go on for 10 pages on the importance of wetlands. We have to protect our wetlands, even if most of them are on private property.
Benefits us All?
All of a sudden the ideology shifts because landowners don't want to lose the benefit of the taxpayers' money, i.e. 'We should try to protect that in any way possible (with tax dollars).' Now the coastal land is sooo important and benefits us all and has 'tons of different recreational and commercially import species', blah, blah, blah.
Let's keep paying for these poor landowners to enjoy their Private excursions on their Private property. I could go on and on as to why they don't deserve it. I'll reiterate on an earlier point. Why don't the landowners work with the general public through the State to make it mutually beneficial to restore our coast. If the State is going to fund the restoration, at least, landowners, please let the rest of us use the water. We would appreciate it and we wouldn't hurt your land.
lawd have mercy
Only public water is good for us all, we should only preserve public lands and waters

All fish and crabs and shrimps come purely from public waters, no need to preserve those greedy private landowners marshes, they should do it themselves out of their own pockets from the goodness of their hearts. They owe it to us fishermen

All ducks up north are raised on public land, those greedy landowners should not till up their prairies and plant corn on it and make much more money, they should do it out of their own pockets and from the goodness of their hearts. They owe it to us duck hunters

am i doing it right
That is close to what Southeast LA will look like in 2100. The center is exaggerated, and probably so it the southwest. Most agree action is needed, but the disagreement is on the approach. There is much in the archives on the controversy. There are also some wetland reclamation projects already underway.