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Why is LDWF Leaving Money On the Table

Is it any wonder, after reviewing the facts regarding the fees Louisiana charges compared to Mississippi, why Mississippi is the leader of the two states in so many Wildlife Management Areas?

From first hand experiences, Louisiana WMA’s, like the PRWMA (Pearl River Wildlife Management Area), have always struggled through low budgets, and Rangers claim they can’t afford to put rocks on the roadways, or afford to hire enough rangers to cut the grass on trails.

Many folks from Mississippi come to use the “Honey Island Shooting Range”, which is located within the PRWMA, and for good reason, it’s a whole lot cheaper than using Mississippi’s WMA shooting ranges. That’s right, Louisiana hunters who pay a $15 fee to be able to use the Louisiana WMA’s subsidies Mississippi folks that want to save money and come to Louisiana to use the Range inside our PRWMA.

Perhaps a look at the facts will shed some light on just how much money Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries leaves on the table. It’s plain it is to see that folks in Mississippi, along with many Louisiana residents, are well aware of deal to be had, and take advantage of Louisiana’s failure to adequately charge those that use our WMA’s and WMA Ranges.

(Information below was taken from The Mississippi Outdoor Digest (pages 6 and 8


• In Mississippi, EVERYONE entering a WMA must purchase a “Wildlife Management Area User Permit” – Resident = $15, Non-Resident $30

• In Louisiana, only HUNTERS are required to purchase a “WMA Hunting Permit @ $15 – Resident, $15 Non-Resident

• In Mississippi, if you want to use the Range on a WMA you are required to purchase “Annual Resident Range Permit” @ $40, and Non-Resident @ $80

• In Louisiana, if you want to use the Range on the PRWMA you are minimally required to purchase “Wild Louisiana Stamp” @ $2 for both Resident and Non-Resident


• Using numbers from the “Honey Island Shooting Range” (located inside the PRWMA) they have an average of 20,000 plus users a year

• Subtracting 25% for youth under 16, that puts the number of paying adults at 15K that use the PRWMA Range (aka Honey Island Shooting Range)

• Estimates put those paying adults that use the Range that are from Mississippi at 15%

• If Louisiana simply copied Mississippi, and changed the “WMA Hunting Permit” to the “WMA User Permit”, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries would rake in an estimated $258,750.00 just from the PRWMA for those using the Range, and that’s without adding in the Bird Watchers, Hikers, etc., just by changing the name and intent of one permit to match Mississippi

• Then there Mississippi’s “Resident Annual Range Permit” of $40 per year, per person, and the “Annual Non-Resident Range Fee” of $80 per year, per person that Louisiana doesn’t charge, and why so many folks from Mississippi come to the PRWMA Range to shoot.

• If Louisiana would simple follow Mississippi’s lead, and institute the same fees to use our WMA range at PRWMA the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries would net an estimated $1,530,000.00 more per year just on those using the WMA Range (and this is just from one range)

• So, what does the LDWF get from the “Honey Island Shooting Range” for being granted the rights to use public land, paid for and supported by hunters, NOTHING! That’s right, the LDWF granted a second 10 year lease to SELFS, Inc (Southeast Louisiana Firearms Safety, Inc.) for the total amount of $0.00 per year!

• In addition to not collecting the estimated fees of just under 2 million dollars a year, the LDWF pays additionally to continuously repair the roads leading to the PRWMA Range, as those roads have so much more traffic than the roads hunters use.

It’s no wonder why folks in Mississippi use the Louisiana WMA Range at PRWMA, it makes perfect sense to them because it’s CHEAP.

However, anyone with a little bit of common sense is left to wonder why LDWF has created this disparity between fees that drives down our WMA’s and pulls in those that don’t support the WMA’s.
Anyone on a WMA (birdwatchers, hikers, berry-pickers, hippies, etc) are required to purchase a WMA stamp
Wrong bayou wild outdoors. Only hunters have to purchase the WMA permit. All other users just need a wild la stamp, fishing license or a hunting license. I thought that was crazy when it was first implemented.
correct, a wild louisiana stamp or a WMA stamp is needed. They still have to pay to be on a WMA. Have to have one or the other
Gotcha. I got WMA permit on the brain
what is a WMA Stamp?

in addition to a daily self clearing permit(check in/check out tag), the hippies only need one of either a hunting license, a fishing license or a wild la. stamp

a hunter needs purchase a WMA Permit to be able to hunt on a wma, in addition to a basic hunting license, and fill out a daily self clearing permit
birdnest your first reply was correct, bayouwildoutdoors IS wrong, there is no such thing as a wma stamp, i do like the hippies comment though, a wma permit is only required for hunters, still waiting on a response to find out what a wma stamp is, think you are confused may need to read the regs again so you don't get your self in trouble
when you buy a state duck stamp do you actually get a stamp? No, its just a term. A stamp, a permit, whatever. I am not sure if the Wild Louisiana Stamp is actually a stamp either

The point is that there is no money left on the table. Everyone has to pay to be on a WMA whether they are berry picking, hiking, birdwatching, hunting, fishing, etc.

If you are not hunting on the WMA, you either need a hunting license, fishing license, or Wild Louisiana STAMP to be there.

If you are hunting on the WMA, you will need all the hunting licenses, plus a WMA Permit
The argument over which permit is rather laughable when it's an established fact that the LDWF Enforcement Officers DO NOT issue citations for not having the proper permit to those using the Honey Island Shooting Range. That's why it's so cheap for folks from both LA and MS to use the PRWMA.

Now I'm sure someone who thinks they know better will argue the enforcement issue as well, but that is established fact. If you 'believe' that enforcement does issue those citations then simply produce the number of citations written to those going to the range in the last... say two years as proof.
Last year, in the presence of an LDWF official (in uniform), a van with four people from Mississippi stopped at the front gate. This was the first year shooters at the range were not required to sign in like everyone else does. When the LDWF official told them they didn't have to complete the self clearing permit and stated all they needed was the proper permit the driver and passenger in the front said, 'we been coming here to shoot for the last 5 years and we never needed any permit... why do we need one now'. When it was explained to them they turned around and left.

So, to say that everyone that uses this PRWMA financially supports the WMA is to say something that has been proven to be incorrect, and an assumption that can not be validated. Even if they did follow the law, which they don't, it would only cost a non-resident $2.00 use the WMA to shoot. In MS it would cost them $55.00 to do the same... that's what drives them to use the PRWMA.
   Dbl beard
Thank you for bringing this up. I'm sick and tired of the bull with our states dwf!!! They waste so much money!! Not on only the bears but on much other things also.

I agree,, raise the prices on Mississippi . They have been sticking it to us for a long time! Let's stick them back but go up again on out of state fishing license. They flipped last time we did but they still don't get the picture. Missisippi can come here to fish at the same price as if they went anywhere else. I've hunted a lot of different states and can tell you for a fact that Mississippi's out of state licence is way higher than anywhere else. Mississippi might be good but they do not hold a candle to Missouri. Maybe if we stoped hunting mississipi , the little towns where we spend our money and the police force that likes to wait on us will aprieciate us more.

Sorry but this struck one of my ling time nerves and I got a little off coarse but I'm glad that someone spoke up.
...answer is some steal less ???...cheers