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never fished intercoastal looking for a little help

I have never fished the intercoastal before and looking for a little help.
I live in new orleans and plan on launching at bait inc is that the best launch or is there another im not aware of. I would like to buy live shrimp if possible. are there closer marinas?
To fish the wall it looks like i get into the mrgo and take a left headed towards the hot water canal and then taking a right(east) towards what looks like a huge lock. Is that the place everyone fishes?
If so are there any places i should maybe focus on more than others?
is this typically a live shrimp on the bottom type place?
and are there other places i should try in the area if the place isnt hot.
i like catching trout or reds or drum or sheep equally.
and last i had a friend who tried to go a few weeks ago. he launched at bait inc but couldnt get there because the locks were closed to get to the mrgo. is there a schedule or telephone # to call in advance. thanks for any help
locks closed
I was around there last weekend and the locks/gates are closed. you can't get outside them from paris road launches. that I know of. just an f.y.i.
others prob will have better info or can verify.
Here is a number you can call to see if the locks are open 286-3100 ext 1014.
I get my bait and launch at Fisherman Friend Bait Shop. It's at the yellow blinking light on Paris Rd.Always has nice live bait
thanks yall