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Trip to Mississippi

Yesterday was opening day of bow season at my land in Mississippi. Made the drive up early. Saw nothing on the hwy the entire drive up (2hrs)... until I turned on to the gravel road leading to my place. Saw six (4,1,1) deer on that last mile in!

Did I kill anything? Nope. Didn't even bring my bow. Did all the work I was suppose to do a week ago when I was sick. It was a good trip I think. Swapped out windows on the camp/shooting house with my new and improved windows. Have them hanging from the inside. Swing up and hook to open. Quiet and quick.

Sealed up the door to the place a bit. I think the sealing up is now about as good as it is going to get.

Took a too dull machete to the trails to my motel 6. Spiders every freaking where. I don't see how there are any insects alive in Jefferson County. Come to think of it, I didn't have problems with horse flys and deer flys.

Tried to swap cards on my trail cam near motel 6. oops wrong card. Fits the old trail cam, not my new one.
Anyway I brought it all home and had a bunch of pictures. But only one buck on the entire card. A small 4 point.

Did have a couple of coyote pics, rabbits, dillos, fox, coons, a turkey and a bobcat.

Not a lot of picture each day. Averaged around 3 per 24 hours. But deer can move either side of the camera without being seen so that spot is still going to be pretty good. With a rifle I will be able to shoot in areas not even near that camera.

Stocked up a little on food and drink in Motel 6 so I won't have to carry that stuff in during hunting season.

Moved some ladder steps from one spot to another. All I need to do is hang the lock on when I want to hunt it and it will be set for the season there.

Did a few other things and made the long drive home.