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My heart was broke yesterday evening

Last year I stayed on the boys to practice with there bows. I expect softball size groups at 20 yards! Had some deer comming in with a gravy 15 yard shot! They simply wouldn't put in the time to learn there anchor point so with the only place that we had to hunt bring behind our home in a neighborhood they didn't get to hunt . I shot one for meat and called it a season!
At the end of season I got a great deal on a crossbow so I bought it for them. They have been shooting it and they are doing amazing with it so I started getting pumped up for this season! Put up pop up blind months ago and started feeding. The camera was looking really good having lots of day time pics through out the entire day. So, day before our Saturday hunt I check the regs!! What is this?? O man,, no doe until after the 15th, it's buck only with a bow!
I tell the kids but they are still stoked because they want to shoot this high 7 pt. it's the only rack that's comming in.
Mourning hunt , the deer should had been in there around 7:30 am but it was so windy with the front that moved in. We didn't see anything!
Evening hunt we get in the blind at 5:00. At 5:45 the high rack came in. I tell my son to be patent and let the deer get comfortable in the rice bran! He bumped the blind with the cross bow and the buck looked up in our direction. My son doesn't stop and keeps lifting the bow. The deer is broad side at 15 yards! He stomps , blows, and leaves! I grunt at him and he comes strait back in, stays behind a palmetto leave for a few minutes that felt like 30 min. Stomps, blows and leaves. Grunted him back in again, I tell him to get ready, the deer is back to the same spot at 15 yards! I tell my son, soot when your comfortable.. The deer played for a few minutes but then soon figured the gig was up and left before my son shot. So close but no cigar. We get out the blind and I see he is shaking. I just smiled and lol! He had a case of buck fever!
As bad as I wanted him to get his first deer I'm very proud of him. He didn't feel comfortable with the shot and passed. He did the right thing . He been brought up right. We will get him this evening!
Great hunt
Sounds like a great experience for both of you. He's really hooked now...
My son
Yes, I think I was more excited than him . We went to same place yesterday evening . We had a doe come in and hung out for about thirty minutes at 15 yards. We was looking was trying to make it grow horns but no luck. Lol, but yes, he Is hooked. Last night was the first time I've ever seen him watching hunting shows and he had google going 100 mph. Lol
Good deal
That's awesome. He's on the right track. Good luck to ya'll this season.
Thank you, you to! We hope it is half as good as last turkey season.
Awesome. Not killing right off the bat often has the effect of sinking that hook deeper than instant success. Lets them know what killing a good buck really means.
^^ agreed
I remember growing up hunting with my dad, we actually hunted some really good places but he made me wait till I was ready. I didn't kill my first deer till I was 14 . I remember it like yesterday, big track hunting club, evening hunt open weekend of bow season. I was sitting in the stand by my self with bow that was set up by Gina @ spillway sportsman and hunting out of a ambusher ladder stand shooting wasp broad heads with a Easton game getter arrow. This small doe was on the way to a corn pile but when she walked under me (about 5 ft from the stand) I put a arrow through the spine and heart . Big track hunting club being off Angola road , it's a little hilly! Lol!! So after the spine heart shot this small doe falls down the hill about 15 yards, I was so scared of loosing the deer and so excited I shot her 2 more times. One shot missed the whole deer and the second hit heart and lung.i got off the stand and went to my dads stand where he was watching listening to a lsu ball game on his head phones! I had to climb up the tree to get him. I took him to the deer. He lol but then gave me congrats. While skinning the deer at the camp his friend said--- hey,, I see a pc of your boadhead in the gut bucket, I leaned over to look and they shoved me head first into the bucket. I didn't care, I was on cloud 9..
Re: My heart was broke yesterday evening
Im in big track club as well

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