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STOLEN by POS from 3 Boys!!!


To the people that stole all of my hunting items. Don't let me find you.

I hunt to be able to spend time with my 3 sons. They are 11, 7 & 5. You stole from them. The 2 two man ladder stands. The umbrella covers, the feeders and the cameras. ALL FOR THEM!!!

It's a very sad time in our lives that we can't leave items in the woods because 'trash' will steal them.

I worry now about bringing my sons into the woods because what if I run across the people who stole and they get scared and start shooting. Not worth it to me. So if it makes you sleep better at night to steal from 3 kids and their father.....then you need the items more than me. May God have mercy on your soul. Eternity in Hell is a very long time.

Gun season hasn't even started yet and I'm done hunting this year. Hope your proud!!!
Thieves !!!
That is sad!! Are you in a lease and if you are what lease is it because I'm not hunting my club because of the same reason. We are near Kentwood ..

I hope things turn around for your kids, I feel your pain! I have two boys and have had simulat problems. I know it just breaks your heart for all the hope you had to exceed for your kids. I hope y'all catch these guys and take them to court! Woods theft to me seams like it's at a all time high. Cameras don't help much when they take those to!!
Trash bags
Well,Im sorry to hear about your items stolen.I know how ya feel.I had a camera stolen before.I hunt in Ms and have came across quite a few stands and cameras in the forest and the last thing on my mind was to steal the other hunters set up. Don't throw the towel in yet buddy keep the boys in the woods.I have two myself and enjoy every weekend in the woods with them. PS:And for the trashbag that stole or has stolen before if you can read.....F... Y..
dont give up
Don't let your sons learn that someone else has control over doing what they enjoy.

Pour feed on the ground (or not) and hunt some man made ground blinds if you can't afford new stands, build the blinds with your kids and hunt them when the wind is right if you want them to have a better chance of seeing one.

Don't get confrontational with your kids in tote, go alone when the kids can't go to see if you want to get into something like that, which probably isn't worth it.
Thanks Guys
Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm better today and not as PO'd as yesterday. Still not pleased though. I went today and bought a ground blind we will hunt in. I will pour corn out and keep my fingers crossed.

Ya know it's a sad day when you can't leave a stand in the woods.

Thanks again all!!!
I feel your pain brother. We got hit for 3 generators, an A/C unit and 5 trail cameras. God help them if I catch them.
Just a note about thieves, I hope one of them tries to steal my cameras. My MMS cameras send a picture to my phone instantly and I always set it up so it will shoot a picture when accessing it, and my Moultrie cameras have gps in them to show me where they are on a map. this information is on Moultrie's game management web site. I hope the idiots are caught.
I've started hanging a ir cam in the trees above my cam where the thieves don't see them. Works very well. Just wanted to bump this thread. I hope you catch these guys. I hunt on the west side of Kentwood in cutover Hc. I've had problems there to!!
was this public land or lease land. If public land than legally you can't set that stuff up and leave it. The local GW can take it down. On the other hand I hate people that don't respect others and stealing that stuff is just as wrong as it gets.
Public land
I don't think there is any public land or wma's in Kentwood. So claimed sportsman stealing from real sportsman is a total disgrace.. Hang um