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Warm Weather + Grand Isle = Speckled Trout

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We had a Tuna trip scheduled for Saturday but the crew was worried about the weather and did not want to take the chance of getting caught up in the cold front.

They had driven all the way from Hattisburg, MS. and they were going to see water if I had anything to do with it.

We went to plan 'B' and put the bay boat in the water. The 1st three stops were not that great and the fish were starting to get me worried. I knew that I had a lot of options once the tide started rising but was worried how long that would take.

About 11:30 with only 3 fish in the boat, the falling tide started slacking off. Off to honey hole #1. Not much there but a few reds and some sheepheads. Watched a boat work over honey hole #2 but they were not doing it right. As soon as they left, we took our place in the hole with fingers crossed behind my back.

Third cast brought a 16 inch speck to the boat. Next cast produced the twin sister to the 1st one. It was on then. A large school of minnows came through the canal we were fishing and thousands of specks were busting the top of the water chasing them. I have never seen this in January before. A quick change to popping corks and a variety of plastics kept the specks busy all afternoon.

Final count was 96 specks, 3 reds and a few sheepshead. We left them biting with a cold front bearing down on us.

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