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Fishing Help Please

I took the wife and kids out to Hopedale Lagoon Sunday and we caught 5 nice trout, pic attached.

I would like for someone to help point me in the right direction so we can catch a limit of trout or reds. I want my son to get on them and have fun. We will most likely be catching and releasing, it's just for him to have fun. We live in Denham Springs. So any area that is close to there would be helpful.

Yesterday was our second day fishing for specks. Last weekend we tried Bayou Lacombe, with no luck. At least yesterday, we were able to bring some home to fry. We mainly floated around Hopedale Lagoon just casting and hoping.

I normally fish out of Doiron's; mainly bass fishing local tournaments.

Our boat is a 18' Ranger.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
If you want to get on them go launch in laffitte and head towards grand isle it's all protected water and just stop at all those islands along the way give your son a set up double sparkle Beetle with shad rig cork you catch two at a time and I've alwas caught limit just stopping at all those little islands and popping corks good luck
I run charters out of hopedale in the wintertime. Yesterday I had twin boy/girl 6 year olds. We could've limited but instead let them catch every fish. They caught 35 keeper trout and had just as many throwbacks. We were in hopedale lagoon for a good bit of the day. All on plastics. No sense in wasting money on live shrimp. Feel free to email me if you are interested.