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Why does the southern part of the state...

I find it amazing that the south part of the state refuses and votes against the north end of the state to have any say so in anything when it comes to wildlife and fisheries. The south part of the state has rejected the north end of the state from having elected official. I wish I would have known this before I voted for the artificial reef program, just like many others would have liked to have known this. This is a showing that the south end of the state does not, nor do they care about us in the north end of the state. You should realize that so many of us go down south to fish, and spend money down there. After this rejection of the southern part of the state, maybe the north end will stop wasting money down there. I for one who spends a rough estimate of $10,000 a year in Cocodrie/Houma, I see the stance the south part of the state takes.... Maybe wildlife and fisheries and the money they receive from the north end of the state needs to stop. It is obvious the south part does not care about anything but yourself.
   e-man (R)
I don't know if you know how the voting system works or not?
I vote in major majority democratic precinct.
when i went to vote yesterday they were all lined up w/ their Pre marked ballot cards telling them how to vote that they received from the church.
I asked a couple of them, what about the 14 amendments we have to vote on? The ones that even knew what an amendment was said they were told not to worry about all that and either leave them blank or just vote NO on all of them.
So before you go blaming the sports men in the south part of the state . Wait for the breakdown of polling precincts to come out. I think you will see why it failed. BTW i voted for the amendment.
nothing is keeping WLF Commission members from North La. There could actually be a majority from North Louisiana on the Commission.

I voted for it, but this really doesn't have any place in the constitution, its pretty silly.

If you don't know what you are voting for, then research the issue or leave it blank.
Everyone votes in their self interests. not sure why this is surprising. Besides, more sportsmen are concentrated int he southern part of the state (I made that up, BTW).
What I find exceptionally disheartening is the people that automatically vote 'No' for all amendments, even if they have no clue what it is about. Used to work with someone that said he does this and has done this his entire life. Said he doesn't want any new taxes and the safest way for that to happen is to just vote 'No' for everything.
He is also an Edwards supporter, if that tells you more about him.....
No one is crying down here if the northern guys stay up there... Its getting kinda crowded down here with you guys anyway....
why should they be FORCED to hire some one from the northern parishes, if there aren't any qualified personnel from union parish then why put them in a job that should be held by some one more qualified, i am sure they hire the most qualified person for the job, ain't that how the government works
The way it stands right now, 3 members are to be from south LA. They are 'forced' to have that many from south LA with no stipulations on where the others come from. They can all be from south LA, but they can't all be from North LA. It is a very silly law and should have never been implemented but it is. This new amendment was put in place to mitigate for that, but what it should have done was eliminate the mandatory south LA commissioners
   Dr. Spot
I was surprised such an inequality existed for WLF representation, and voted yes for the amendment. I was surprised it failed, it was a reasonable change. Then again, I'm always surprised that millage renewals always pass too.

At least we now know of the problem, and maybe it can be fixed in the future.
For the record, I voted yes also and know a lot of people who hunt north La. My question is, would you really deprive yourself from the best fishing in North American over a proposal that means exactly squat to the typical sportsman? Hell, I didn't even know how many officials they had or where they were from 'Don't Care'. If so, we miss you already.
Just so y'all know. The Wildlife Commission members are appointed by the governor and are not 'hired'.
Usually, the more one contributes to the governor's election campaign, the better the chance of being appointed.
I voted against this ammendment because the makeup of the commission is setup in legislation.
Any changes in this makeup should come from the legislature and not be in the constitution.
Our constitution is probably already 2 feet thick.
I believe the legislature should do their job and quit passing along popular or unpopular legislation to the people to put in the already bloated constitution.
I voted against most of the amendments for the same reason. These things don't belong in the constitution even if they were good ideas that would be beneficial to some. These items should be enacted by the legislature.
To EMSGuy...I do not dispute the law needs to be changed. However, to blame the sportsmen from the southern part of the State for this failure is absurd.

If we are to follow your logic, all persons south of Interstate 12, ought to quit hunting in north Louisiana. I can assure you I spend more that $10,000.00/year in Morehouse Parish.