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Fawns still sucking on mommy

I'm still seeing fawns nursing on there mom. From Baton Rouge all the way up to Kentwood.must had been a extremely late drop last year. My two boys are still holding off the slick heads because of the late drop but it kills me that I'm hearing of other people shooting the doe's. I'm very proud of my boys.
Reply's great when self-respect and conscience get along...cheers to 'ya
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Makes me feel as if I'm doing a good job like my dad did with me. He always told me --
Son, if you want meat, don't shoot a young buck! Shoot a doe, make sure you don't shoot the doe that drops 2-3 fawns every year but shoot a doe for meat. Just make sure the young are through nursing! Don't ever shoot a buck unless you want yo mount it!! So you have a few deer in the freezer,, sit back and watch ,, always watch behind the doe's and watch how they act!! If you see a few young bucks, the big one is generally 15 min behind them.
My dad was right, I'm very fortunate to have a dad that brought me up in the woods and on the water.