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Transducer/colder Temp

Went out this weekend and decided to bring the fish finder to try and target trout and find those secret ledges where the bulls hang out at early in the morning on cooler days. Did not have much luck on trout, but found a good spot (almost like a underwater ledge). Decided to work the bottom and caught 2 big old drum. The larger one was around 32” and the smaller one right at 26”. I noticed when cleaning them the larger one had a few worms or some people say fatty tissues. Curious enough I was wondering if any one new if they are bad to eat ? The 26” did not have worms. Needless enough if their over 27” for now on I will let them go to make some more pups. I then headed to the shallows to do some site fishing and grabbed some reds.

For all the guys in the yaks who use fish finders I was wondering if anyone had any good techniques when it comes to mounting your transducer on the yak. I originally attached mine on my trolling motor but I felt it was giving me a faulty reading and I could not use it when I did not have the motor. I decided to get an extension from ram products. It is a ball mount with an alumni pole that I can put down in the water and pull up when I head to the shallows. But if I think it is not reading right I can move it until its getting a good reading. The recent KC seat (swivel base frame ) allowed me to mount a side board on both sides so I could mount any type of accessories I want. This allows me not to have to drill in my kayak. I believe one more hole in the yak is one more problem.