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Dockside Boat Launch

Has this boat launch opened for business? If it hasn't, where is the next most convenient launch to the Trestle/Twin Span?
Last I heard on here was earlier in the year was they closed. I dont fish in the lake much, but the two that I know of are Seabrook Harbor and Rigolets Marina. Seabrook is out of New Orleans and Rigolets is Slidell (I think is the city). I have never launched from Seabrook or Rigolets. The two times I went, I launched out of Dockside and I wasnt to impressed with the service. The old man was rude. Rigolets is more of a popular fisherman marina from what I can see and you proab stand a better chance of getting bait. (Just the impression that I get). Let us know what you find out.
Dockside is open
They should have live shrimp by now too.
Call Hunter-985-297-3158

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