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New Proposed EPA Expansion of Clean Water Act - DISASTER!

ALL READERS: Today I posted an article on my website that summarizes a proposed new EPA regulation which EXPANDS the Clean Water Act in such a way that if you have a ditch, pothole or any area that keeps water on your property, even part of the year could result in EPA fining you if you make ANY CHANGES that affects this area and could even RESULT in them TAKING YOUR LAND! This is nothing but an EPA 'LAND GRAB' at it's best. I URGE everyone to read this article and phone, e-mail and write your Louisiana U.S. Representative and Senators (I posted how to contact them on my Home page) and URGE them to BLOCK this EPA proposed rule.

I also posted the article on the website's 'Current News' page so it will not be lost. The website is: