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Hunting on leased property.

I was wondering if the shooting hours that LADWF puts in the waterfowl pamphlets applies to us that hunt private leased property? I have been making evening hunts in delacroix and the birds are everywhere right when it begins to get dark which is right outside of what would be 'shooting hours'.
Evening hours
Sunset for evening shooting is set by the Feds.I think that I would start looking in the outer bays for where they are sitting out the daylight hours.Talk to people who are fishing in the Biloxi Marsh.Ducks can fly from delicrox to Biloxi marsh in 20 minutes.Also look in the outer bays of hopedale.
Legal times
Shooting begins one half hour before legal sunrise and ends at legal sunset.

It makes no difference that you're hunting on leased property.

With less hunters generally making evening hunts, It's pretty easy for agents to make after-hours shooting cases if they are in the area.
Evening Hunt
You can legally hunt in the evening on private land. But if you're in a club be sure to ask the club president, many clubs don't allow evening hunting to give the birds time to rest.
Delacroix Cooyan
I would wait till after dark an get em wit da bulleye
Ain't dat da way y'all hunt deers in Delacroix?
Cant Be Serious
I mean is this a serious question?