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Grand ISle Thanksgiving weekend

Fellow Sportsman:

The family and I are headed to Grand Isle this weekend for some fishing and relaxation and I was hoping someone can offer some tips for fishing there. I have only been once and the fishing wasn't great but that is largely in part to me not knowing what to do. We are bringing shrimp and some plastics to try. I'm not looking for spots to fish (unless you want to offer some up) but I would love some advice on fishing the area. My dad will also be there and he hasn't fished in many years so I want to make this a memorable trip for us all. we will also have lots of kids between the ages 16-8
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This time of year I would head to the Leeville area! I would focus on clean water, fishing deep water in main channels in the morning and fishing the flats next to main the main channel's when the water heats up a little. Watch for birds and play the tide. Good luck on your venture. Hope the kids get on some fish