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A place called Sherburn

I posted this a couple years back, just thought it would read well for a Thanksgiving day.
A place called Sherburne
I made my first deer hunt in Sherburne 42 years ago this month, in was down the Happy town road, across Big Alabama, in an area we called the Sand Bar, on a stand we called The Stump.
Man I can still smell the air and feel the chill in my bones from that morning, the way I felt when I heard the dog drivers start the drive and that first hound opened up with a long howl when they jumped, then came the sound off water splashing and a flash of brown I about peed my pants.
(Seriously just now when I typed that last comment I almost peed my pants. After more than 40 years it doesnít change.)

I spent most of my young life in Sherburne, we had a camp on Little Alabama, and we were there all of the time. I learned how to hunt, fish, trap,blood trail, laugh, cry, drink, smoke, drive a truck and tell lies, In those woods, slews and bayous.
I wish I could share some of the sights, sounds and smells of Sherburne back in the day but those or mine to keep forever.
But I will share with you the names of some of the places we hunted, the people we hunted with, and yes the dogs we used to run the many deer we killed, all of which touched my life and I will never forget.
All of the places we hunted, we set stand lines, and we had stand line Captains,the Captain was always the last stander on the line, he put you out on a stand and you better not leave until he came back down the line after the hunt and picked you up. If you didnít want to hunt on the ground you better find a tree to climb, cause there werenít no climbing stands, ladder stands, or box stands, most of the time we had to hunt in hip boots,( if you owned a pair), because of the water.
We hunted places like the Catapoo Trail, Avants Trail, The Sand Bar, Shell Road, Little Shell Road, The Fig Tree, Bay Denny, The Sand Pit, The Moo-ta (Mustard) Patch, and many more.
Some of the names of the men we hunted with. Floyd Darby, Earl (EJ Beaver Squeezer) Darby, Felix (Jr.) Darby, Shine Darby, Terry Darby, Don Noel, Harry Noel, Lewis Noel, Herbert Breaux, Willie Simpson, Mr. Norman, just to name a few.
Some of the camps in Sherburne, most if not all gone today. The Darby camp, Bud Mayors camp, The Bunkie Camp, Marinoís Camp, Ole Man Avants Camp, Ole Man Ivey Rechards Camp, George Burlies Camp, The Maleton Mans Camp, there were many more.
There was a bait stand called Prevost, against the levee between Big and Little Alabama, you could get anything from Shiners to Hamburgers to cold beer, they even had a community dog pin during deer season where if you found some other groups dog on the road, just throw it in the back of the truck, drop it off at the pin and the owner would pick it up later, feed and watered.
We had Walker hounds, Blue Ticks, Black and Tans, Red Bones, July Walkers, not all pure bread but every one pure bad ass deer dog.
Some of the names were, Snow Ball, Betty, Lil Betty, Stump, Jeep, Bullet, Red, Black, Babe, Buick, Cadillac, Jingles, Sam, and T-Boy. Just to name a few.
So if any of you ever make a hunt across Big Alabama down Happy town road, and you step off of any road you will more than likely step in one of my boot tracks, and if you are real quite you just might encounter one of the sights, sounds, or smells, I have in my heart some 42 years ago.
Sounds Great!
We just got a camp out in Sherburne on the river. I cant wait to experience some of the things you already have! I have only duck hunted sherburne and never had deer or hog hunted. I cant wait to explore those woods!!