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Novice Hunters in need of advice

Hey everyone, I'm in need of a little help with hunting in areas around St John, my girlfriend and I have just recently started hunting and would love any advice you may care to share with us, I've got a 4wd truck, no boat or 4 wheeler, 2 28 inch barrel 12 gauges and a .22 rifle, so i'm mostly stuck, I go out to the maurapas wma as often as possible to walk out as far as I can and try to hunt for anything from rabbit to deer, I'd ve happy just coming.home with a single rabbit, I have no deer stand or a even an idea of where to put one if I got one, she's about ready to give up because when we go we almost always come home empty handed, spending the day sitting in the swamp is enough for me, potential food on the table is just a blessing and a bonus, if there's any advice that anyone can give I'd be extremely grateful and thankful, I can get a rifle for deer if I can find a promising area, I'm not asking for honey holes or your best areas, just a little advice to help some young hunters out, I'd love to pass it down with in my family once I have children, thanks again everyone, hope to hear back soon!
Manchac is a tough hunt. That swamp is hard to walk in, imagine draging a deer out??
If I were y'all, being new , I'd start with the basics, start with squirrel then maybe some wood ducks.. I think your wife will have more fun with that. After she does that for a while then maybe it will give her more drive to deer hunt. There are a lot of deer in manchac but they are extremely nocturnal . Good luck to ya!!
I agree, we've taken our fair share of spills in that sloshy mess, but I'd find a way for that deer to come out for sure! We have no dogs for squirrel hunting unless I can train my pit puppy some how, as lazy as he is that'd probably fail, do you absolutely need dogs for squirrel? And what do you think about joyce? We went up there friday morning and it looked much more promising than what I've been hunting, I'm considering getting a motorless flatbboat and pushing down a canal into a bayou under the tracks to get further back into the WMA. Thanks for your reply by the way I appreciate it!
A boat will help you, specially on Joyce. At Joyce it's a must.
You don't need a dog to hunt tree rats. Get some high brass #6 shot. Look for the feed trees and stalk slow and stealth from feed tree to feed tree. I used to enjoy hunting them but I stopped because I don't like eating them. They can be a sporty shoot when they are on the run! Lol, hunting manchac,, I would focus around Boyce property!! Just don't cross his line. He has been growing some very nice deer for a long time. Manchac borders his place!
New hunters
Maurepas is tough on an experienced hunter. I'd consider driving over to Sherburne WMA. Plenty of area to park and walk in the woods on dry land. Lots of squirrels and deer and turkeys there. Good luck, buddy
Im going to start looking more into a little flatboat for sure then Dbl, and do you know where I can get some maps to show areas of the private property within the wma? I don't want to cross into someone's land and ruin their hunt or spook their deer, I've been checking out tidbits of Joyce off of google earth, it doesn't look bad, then again neither did Maurapas, Andy thanks! And that's a bit of a drive for my old truck but I'm willing to make that trip if it's actual ground beneath my feet, turkey and deer sounds wonderful lol and if we get into any hiccups with cleaning what we get her dad will show us and most likely take some for the sake of helping but hey I'm all for it if I get to learn and still provide for my family, thank yall so much you've been very helpful and now I have an idea of what to do/where to go.
I don't know why I was saying manchac. We are on the same page. Lol.. The area I would be speaking of would be between the interstate and airline by where they cross on gonzales side . You can go to ldwf websight. They show maps that you can download. Also , you will see the signs on side of the road. When in the woods watch for double painted lines around trees. I'm not sure of the color .
Just to explain where Boyce's property is,, comming from Laplace, take the first sorrento exit. You will pass some crawfish ponds that will be on your right. That is the property you will want to stay around.
Hunting this area for deer can be rewarding but can also be very difficult to hunt. It's hard to find the deer runs making the deer to appear as ghost. Avoid the ridges close to the road. I know there are a lot of tracts but the are all done at night. Generally hunting in that area, you look for the islands, ridges and feed trees way off the road. If you can find this and are willing to put in the work,, you will have a high success rate. Just remember, the big problem when you are that far back is getting your deer out of there.
I normally hunt on down 51 towards manchac, I'm definitely going to have to check this area out, im.about to google earth it, message me dbl? Thanks again btw

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