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For those of you that have camps in the marsh

For those of you that have camps out in the marsh or even anywhere in the swamp, how Do you guys go about disinfecting and cleaning out a little camp that hasn't been used in 3 or 4 years? We have been sleeping in it fine but still I would like to get it a little more sanitary. It is just one open room
that donut eating rat got you thinking?

First: Make sure all gaps and holes are filled with some Great Stuff or foam filler. Get some weather stripping for doors and windows.

Second: Give it one good cleaning, wiping down all the walls and surfaces with bleach solution. Make sure to open windows and doors so that it dries out real well on a low humidity day. Throw away or wash all soiled garments, old food, etc.

Also, you may want to give the inside of that old jalopy a coat of paint so that you are dealing with smooth surfaces that are easy to clean.

Third: when you leave, set off two bug/spider foggers and leave out some rat poison.
Fourth: when you return, repeat the wipe down. Make sure you clean up all the dead bugs and rodents!

Set off bug bombs periodically to keep them in check. Also, may want to get some dehumidifying buckets.

Thereafter, keep all food sealed and make sure that it is swept up and cleaned every trip. Blankets and pillows are a haven for bugs, so zip them up in comforter bags every time you leave. the little extra work makes things much more comfortable. It'll be suitable for bringing females in no time (not that you really want them there)!
I like to set off a 'bug bomb' in the camp and let it set overnight without ventilating it, prior to the cleaning the camp, in order to kill all the critters (wasps, hornets, spiders, etc...) that set up shop in the camp during the off season. Then, I use pine sol / water to mop the floors, then I wipe down everything with the bleach hand wipes. I wash all the sheets & pillow cases prior to season, but we sleep in sleeping bags, etc...

This has worked well for me in the houseboat.